Inspired to live a healthy life. Exercise included.

SW: 223
CW: 206
GW: 160

SBF: 44%
CBF: 40%
GBF: 21%

Diet plan: I log my food/exercise at sparkpeople.

Exercise plan: Personal training once a week that focuses on strength training. Cardio is mostly walking, cycling, swimming, and flailing around to a video game (Just Dance). At least ten minutes of yoga every day.

Other things you should know: I have a number of recurring but not debilitating injuries. My body was a mess growing up and as a result, I suffer from Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, tendonitis, a ganglion cyst, lower back problems, and cold weather asthma. I was told that I’d have to do yoga for the rest of my life if I wanted to continue being able to walk. For years, I accepted that I’d never be able to exercise on a regular basis… until one day, I just didn’t accept that anymore. I was told that I’d never be a runner, but I completed my first 5k in 2007 with a time of 30:30. My left wrist was so weak, due to a cyst and surgery, that I couldn’t hold a notebook, but I built up my strength to the point of doing handstands. I may have a bad day or week when it comes to these recurring problems, but I no longer let them stand in my way. At this point, I mostly fight mental roadblocks. And that's just not an acceptable excuse. [That being said, I do have some days where getting out of bed/exercising just isn't possible, but they're few and far between.]

For business inquiries, please email fuchsia@fuchsiagetsfit.com