Weekly Update

Another week has come and gone, and this one was much better than the last few. The Get Fit challenge has done its job so far in motivating and inspiring me. I just hope it lasts through the next 99 days. That's right, the challenge officially started yesterday! Here's to 100 days of working hard and seeing big results!

My first big result came in yesterday at personal training. Finally, after working so hard and seeing no progress, the scale is going down. I lost 4 pounds in the last week, bringing me down to 206. Just a few pounds to 20 pounds lost, and so close to being under 200! That's my first big milestone and I can't believe it's taken this long but, hey, things are moving now that I've switched my medications. My goal for the Get Fit challenge is to at least be down to 180 by the end... 170 would be ideal. 155 is my final goal weight as of right now, but I'll reevaluate that the closer I get to it. I just know that when I was 135, I was far too skinny, and I'd rather have a decent amount of muscle.

Yesterday at personal training, we did upper body/back workouts. My trainer is still finding new machines to torture train me with. And despite seeing him for months now, it never gets easier! He just keeps making it harder and I keep up somehow. I also have to start keeping a food log for him (which... I already lost the paper, oops), I've definitely been slacking on entering my food into SparkPeople so being accountable to someone else will keep me on track. I've been eating fine, but not perfectly. I tend to eat perfectly when someone else is looking.

Tonight I'm going swimming... I normally take Wednesdays off because I'm too sore from training, but my trainer said to go swimming if I'm not. And... I'm not. So off to the pool I go! Have a great night! And next time I update, hopefully I'll have progress pictures to share!