Weekly Update

I know, I missed last week's weekly update. And posting at all last week. A mini-vacation to the Dells really threw me off my schedule for a bit. But just a bit. I'm back to my routine and ready to go!

Last night was personal training. Last week, I was still sitting at the same weight I've been at for weeks (216) and my trainer was like, "Why aren't you losing?" Well, Memorial Day had a lot of food and alcohol, and then I went on vacation (I didn't overeat, but I also didn't work out at all)... but also, my body lately has just been holding onto weight and then dropping a ton at once.

Which is what happened this week. Suddenly, I'm down five pounds to 211. This surprised my trainer but I know that's how my body's been working lately. As I mentioned before, just trust in the process, and the scale will eventually reflect that. That's all we can do.

As we were working out last night (leg day, I did about a thousand squats I think...), I asked my trainer if he's seen improvements in what I can do. His response? "You've always been capable of everything I want you to do, you just don't think you are." Which... is a pretty good summary of a lot of stuff in my life, I feel. I think I'm incapable a lot more than I actually am. I'm constantly working on that, but it's harder than pull-ups. (Which we did again on Saturday.) But it was nice to hear that from my trainer. It definitely made me push harder last night and keep going when I normally would've taken a break.

And that, really, is why I pay a trainer a ridiculous amount of money to make me sore all over every week. I know how to work out, I've done it before, but a trainer pushes and inspires me to work harder. So, on a day when I wanted to cancel my personal training (there was a huge Splatoon tournament I wanted to watch!), I'm really glad I went and got that little nugget of inspiration to keep me going this week.

(As an aside, he also made me run three minutes straight, which I haven't done since getting back to the gym, and it wasn't even a struggle at all. So he definitely knows that I'm capable of more than I think!)

Hopefully those words will also inspire some of you, whatever your struggles are. Have a great day!