Weekly Update

Another Tuesday training session has come and gone... so it's time for an update! Last night was a legs/cardio workout, which was good because I had a make-up session on Saturday where we did arms and I was still sore from that! Another battle with the stairmaster, and then we did a lot of work on the treadmill. Have you ever ran at 10% incline on the treadmill? Because that is one of my trainer's go-to cardio workouts and it is hard. The good part is that when I start running the flat streets of Chicago, it'll be way easier!

We also did my weekly weigh-in, which was up, because I ate a lot over the holiday weekend... I'm not stressed about it. I know it'll balance out, and my body fat percentage stayed the same anyway so there's nothing to worry about. In addition to the weigh-in, we took my measurements. I don't have the exact numbers (I need to ask him to send them to me, or remember to take my own measurements at home), but everything went down slightly in the past month. And more than slightly, I lost 2 1/2 inches on my waist and 2 inches on my hips! So yay!

In addition to the trainer, I spent some time this past week in the pool... It felt good to get in there and do a solid 45 minutes of laps. I love swimming and I'm so glad I'm getting back to it! My pace isn't as good as it used to be, but... well, I just have to stop comparing myself to the self of three years ago! 80 seconds for a lap is my standard right now and I can work on improving that.

In addition, this weekend I will be getting a lot of pool time... because it's vacation! I'm headed up to the Wisconsin Dells for a tournament and some waterpark action. I plan on spending a lot of time in the pool (and the fitness center), so next week I'll have an update about how I hopefully stayed active during my vacation. That's my goal for the next week. What are your goals for the next week?