Look who's back, back again

Well, it's been a while. So long that I've undone all the progress I made a few years ago. Well, that happens sometimes. Oops?

Things have changed in other ways. I'm back to living in Chicago (which is one of the reasons I got unfit again, couldn't afford a gym), I'm happier here and love seeing my friends but it is expensive! I still miss my gym buddies and personal trainer in Rhode Island, but I'm getting things set up here finally.

Hence, the resurrection of this blog! Sunday, prompted by the return of my back pain (due to inactivity), I joined a gym *and* signed up for personal training! I had my first training session yesterday, which was just weight and measurements and going over goals and history and stuff. The numbers are not at all what I wanted to see, but it's only down from here on out!

I've got my first *workout* session with my trainer on Saturday, and I'm excited. In the meantime, I have the task of getting my eating back on track. I've got a really healthy meal plan for today at least, so it's a start!

Anyway, just a brief update to say I'm back and more motivated than ever. Have a great day!