January update

I know, it's been a few months. I'm sorry about that. I have this habit of not updating during the holidays, due to being too busy and also not focusing on weight loss but rather maintaining (also, dealing with some mental health stuff). In addition, I was recovering from an injury and was unable to run so I had nothing to talk about in that regards.

I completed another Fight for Fitness session, although I didn't win it or even have amazing stat changes. I'm sitting this next session out, because I'm focusing on other things (this is my first semester back in school), but I plan to return when the next one starts in April. I miss it, though, both the fun, hard workouts and the friends I'd made.

I'm still going to aqua aerobics, although not as consistently as I used to. I took a few weeks off but I've been back for a couple now. Getting into the water is great, and I love laughing with all the old ladies.

I'm finally back to running, after a mysterious injury that kept me out for months. I was afraid that getting back to it would be difficult, but last weekend I ran my fastest 5k time in over a year. (Unofficial 5k. I wasn't actually doing a race.) It turns out that keeping up with other fitness stuff, like strength training and swimming, does wonders for your running pace even when you can't run. Imagine that! (Now, if only I could get back to the mentality of wanting to go for runs... that part's still difficult!)

I hadn't been biking a lot lately due to the weather, but now I have class in Providence so I have to get 15 miles in at least twice a week, so that's something.

I'm still losing weight. Well, I was stuck for a while, but I've finally gotten out of the 170s (where I always get stuck) and now the weight's dropping pretty quickly again. As of this morning, I'm down to 160.3. Part of me is comfortable with where I am right now, but part of me still wants to keep losing. I don't know if that's partly because of society's expectations or if it's actually all my own desires. This is something I've been struggling with, and I wonder if I'll ever figure it out.

So, hopefully you'll see me around these parts again more frequently. I'm really sorry to everyone.