Fight for Fitness results

I've been holding off on this post for a while, waiting to have my official final stats from Fight for Fitness. I knew I ended the ten weeks on a great note, and I've learned and accomplished a lot during this time, but I wanted those final numbers to paint a full picture. (Plus, I haven't had a spare moment until now! "Spare moment" being relative, as I am currently en route to Chicago.)

First, we had a fitness assessment to see how our hard work translated to muscle use. We didn't do this at the beginning of the program, so I had no basis for comparison, but I still did a lot better than I expected. I couldn't do the mile run, since I'm still injured (but finally making significant progress with that!), but I walked it in 15 minutes which is a pretty great walking pace. Then, I was tested on how many sit-ups I could do in a minute. At the beginning of the program, I couldn't even do five sit-ups without stopping. During the test, however, I far exceeded that! I can't remember if it was 21 or 24 (24 seems like too many for me…) but either way, it's a good number. Actually, the only thing I didn't do so well on was the plank (I held it for a little over a minute), but that was because I had a tickle in my throat and couldn't stop coughing. Oops!

Second, we had new measurements taken. I officially lost 10.2 pounds, which isn't the number I had originally shot for but I'm happy with, because I didn't know how much muscle I would build. And let me tell you: it was a lot! But first, my measurements!

Hips: 43 / 42 [start / end]
Waist: 38 / 36
Chest: 37½ / 36¼
Bust: 41 / 40¼
Thigh: 25¼ / 25
Calf: 15½ / 15¼
Arm: 13½ / 13¼

Not bad, not bad…. I'm honestly not surprised that my calf and thigh didn't lose much since they've always been the most muscular parts of my body (all that running and biking). But two inches in my waist is nice! And the ¾ inch lost in my chest is enough for me to comfortably fit into the dress for my friend's wedding on this trip so, hey, perfect!

How about some pictures to go with those numbers? The change is slight, but I think you can see a difference.

(I wish I was more consistent about how I take the pictures, size and distance etc, but I think you get the idea.)

Plus, let's take a look at my SUPER HOT ARMS:
Oh yeah!

But now it's time for the big news… my body fat percentage! When I started, it was the first time I'd ever had my body fat measured, so I didn't know what to expect. My starting number was 28.7, which is… average, but not what I want. (I wonder what my body fat percentage must've been when I first started exercising a year and a half ago!) Well, today I'm much happier with my number: 24.9%! I lost almost 4% of body fat in just ten weeks! I was hoping to get down to 26.something, so I was shocked to see this number. And I've been smiling about it for the past 24 hours. I worked hard, and I'm glad it shows! (My trainer told me that my body fat in my abdomen alone went from 36 to 24. Wow!)

And, it turns out (I just received the email as I was writing this…), I won the Fight for Fitness challenge, having lost the most body fat out of everyone in the program! I had honestly forgotten that there was even a prize until it was mentioned when I got my measurements taken last week, so I was never really competing for the prize or anything. Still, it's nice to have won… even if I have no clue what the actual prize is!

I definitely want to do the next FFFF session, but it depends on finances (it starts the week after I get back from Chicago, and I'll have a couple really short paychecks due to the trip.) Maybe I should take up a collection? ;)

That's all for today, but I do have blog posts coming up in the next week or so about swimming, yoga, and the Color Me Rad 5K (don't worry, I walked it and didn't injure my foot further…). Lots of pictures for that one! Until next time, check me out on twitter for more spontaneous updates (including Chicago shenanigans!).