Scale Woes, or: On Weighing Daily

There's a lot of discussion in almost any weight loss community about weighing daily versus once a week or month [or even never]. Some people get frustrated by the daily fluctuations [or lack thereof], which is understandable. If you had a perfect day yesterday, you ate within your calorie range and burned a ton at the gym, but the scale was up this morning? Well, it happens, but a lot of people take that as, "Why am I even bothering?" It's important to remember that weight loss is a gradual process, you often don't see a drop in the scale the day after [personally, I'm always up a couple pounds after strength training days], but it's going to have a downward trend after a while.

It's important for me to remember this, as well. Now, I am a daily weigher and if I'm up one day, it doesn't usually phase me. I take it in stride and know that it will even out. I'm doing everything right so I have faith in the process. Usually. Except this week. This week... I gained four pounds in five days. Despite increasing my exercise [I still can't run, but I've been swimming instead!], discussing changing my nutrition with my trainer, adding in yoga... the scale kept going up. Half a pound one day, a full pound the next... it was awful, and I actually cried on Thursday when I hit 174. Maybe I should take a break from the scale, I thought, if it's affecting me this much. I mean, I'm seeing improvements otherwise. My clothes are all bigger on me, and I'm fitting into smaller sizes. I'm lifting heavier weights and improving on my pull-ups. I don't have to stop and catch my breath after every single lap in the pool anymore. I bought a new bathing suit, they accidentally sent me a small instead of a medium, and it fits.

These are all definite signs of my improving fitness, so why am I so upset at one number going in the wrong direction? Am I really that fixated on the scale, despite thinking that I'm not? But be honest, wouldn't you be upset at seeing something like this, too?

Thankfully, however, the clouds broke on Friday [actually, they really did... It stormed Thursday night/Friday morning and took away all that heat and humidity!] and my weight was back down a pound. Then two more on Saturday. And three more today! 

And you know what? While I was waiting for my hard work to pay off, I went through my graphs and looked at the progress I've made, even if it wasn't showing up at the moment on the scale. I definitely have an overall trend, and it's definitely going in the right direction, even if some individual days don't show it.

Today's weigh in, I'm down to 168.2 which means that I'm 6 pounds less than I was on Thursday. I haven't done anything drastic, no crash diets for me. I just kept doing what I had been doing all along, and it eventually paid off. Trust the process, and it always will.

Are you a daily weigher, or less frequently? Does that work best for you, or should you switch?