Monday Excitement

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. No, it's not that I was excited to get to work [although I do love my job...], it's something else. Today is the first day of yoga at my gym! They offer a series of six week sessions, but I was too late in joining last session so I've been eagerly awaiting the start of the next session. For the next six weeks, I will finally be getting formal instruction on yoga! And sure, it's a beginner class, but... I've gotta start somewhere, right?

I've been doing yoga on and off [unfortunately, mostly off] for the past 8 years, and I've written a little about it before. But, it may surprise some of you [or not...], I've never taken a class. Everything I've learned in yoga, I've learned on my own with the help of DVDs, books, and articles online. Which means, I'm probably doing a lot of things wrong! I knew that I'd eventually have to attend classes with a certified instructor at some point but I just hadn't gotten around to it. Well, thank you, YMCA! I'm excited to start in just six hours!

Another reason I need formal instruction, besides making sure my form is correct, is that I someday want to become an instructor myself. Yoga has helped me out a lot in the last decade, and I wouldn't be walking if it weren't for yoga. Even if I only become an instructor to conduct free community classes at the library, I want to give back some way. And the best way to give back to yoga is to give it forward! And, well, it's hard to achieve the level needed to become an instructor on your own. Not impossible, but definitely hard. So, yay, classes!

But it's only a six week, once a week session, and we'll see how I'm doing after that, but I will eventually want to peruse more advanced yoga and do it more than once a week. To that result, I started looking up yoga studios... and what do you know, there's actually one right behind my gym! Actually, they partner with my gym [who knew??] and if I present my gym membership card, I get $5 off each class! That's cheaper than even the student rate, so that's pretty cool. They have lots of different classes, and community yoga on Wednesday nights, so I'm sure that I'll find something I'll enjoy. Even between Monday and Wednesday, that's way more yoga than I've been doing lately.

Of course, today starts yoga and I still have three Monday sessions of Fight for Fitness, so that means I'll be at the gym for four and a half hours on Mondays for the next three weeks! The good news is, I'll be super warmed up for my training sessions...

Well, I'm off to work. I hope you can find something in your Monday to make it enjoyable too!