Let's have a party!

Today... is a day for celebrating. In fact, it's a day for partying. I've got my boys of the Backstreet variety all ready to go for this one.

Why, you may ask, are you celebrating with a 90s boy band? [Well, besides that BSB is the BEST way to celebrate! Wow, look at those outfits...] The answer:
I LOST FIFTY POUNDS! Not only that, but I flew past it! I'm in the 160s! [Just barely, only by a few ounces, but I will take it!] It's been a long time coming, and I still have 30 pounds left to go, but for the moment I just want to sit back and enjoy this. [By which I mean, I went to the gym this morning and did 12 minutes of wall sits.]

Sometimes, words just aren't enough. Sometimes, you need gifs. From the 90s. 

I had to bring it back to BSB and their awesome 90s clothes...

As for everything else, I'm entering week 8 of Fight for Fitness and I can't believe that it's almost over! I definitely want to do the next session as well, which starts up in mid-October. I've been learning a lot and I'm definitely getting stronger [I've gone up two levels on the pull-up machine already!], plus I've been making friends within my group. So, it's definitely been a great investment [even if I haven't lost as much weight as I expected; I have gained more muscle though] and I'm looking forward to another 10 weeks of it. Between the workout sessions and the weekly challenges, it keeps me busy, but it's a great kind of busy.

Also, my gym has rented a rowing machine [which I've been told is actually called an erg] for two weeks and I love it! It's hard, and I've got the blisters to prove it, but it's a great workout and alternative to putting all the pressure on my feet [yes, my foot's still bothering me so I'm still not running]. I'm hoping that they'll have money in the budget to buy one for the gym to keep!

Now, time to go pick out my reward for losing 50 pounds...!