Mid-August Update

Wow, it's been a busy few weeks! I've been trying to find time to write a post here for at least the last two weeks with no success. Well, at least my form of keeping busy has been very fitness-oriented!

First off, I'm at the halfway mark of the Fight for Fitness program at my gym and things are going GREAT. I've been learning a lot, having a ton of fun, and making new friends. I'll write more about this in a moment, but I'm sure you first want to hear the results [so far] of all my hard work. Well, it was a little rough going at first, and weight loss is always small for me in the first couple weeks of a program, but I am now down to 172.5! Yeah, that's only 3.5 pounds for the first 4 weeks but that's okay! This past week, now that we've figured a lot out, I was down 2 pounds!

So close to 50 pounds lost! I should hit it in the next week or two [hopefully next week]! I'm super excited for this milestone, especially since it took me 10 months to get from 45 to 50. With getting under 174, I also hit the 27's in my BMI! That's exciting as well. Less than 3 points until I'm in a "normal" BMI range.

Today, I'm also rocking this dress for the first time in years. I usually don't like it because it's too clingy but today, it suddenly fits nicely!

So, as I said, I'm entering my fifth week of Fight for Fitness at the gym and it's going really well. I have training sessions on Mondays and Thursdays [I actually have to head out the door for today's session right after I finish this...!], there are 4-6 of us with a personal trainer who really helps and pushes us. I'm learning a lot of new strength training exercises, as well as proper form for everything [even things I thought I knew!]. I didn't know much when I started, but I think I'm learning quickly. The first session, all I really knew how to do were squats and lunges [but my form was perfect, so there's that!] and now I know so much more! Plus, we do at least one new [to me] thing every day, so I'm still learning.

The format is circuit training, and we do a mix of cardio and strength training. Generally, it comes out to about a half hour of cardio and an hour of strength every session. For cardio, we might be doing sprints on the treadmill [which has led to me discovering that I can run 8.5mph! Who knew??], jumps on the bosu ball [my arch enemy], or riding hills on the stationary bike. For strength training, we utilize everything in the gym. Bosu, balance, and medicine balls; dumbbells and kettlebells; barbells and ropes and our own bodies. Even some bizarre rope contraption that hangs from the ceiling, we did pullups and pushups on it one day and it was hard! I know all this is having an effect on me, too-- I haven't taken new measurements yet but I've gone up on weights already and can hold my own against a lot of the other [seasoned] participants, which I couldn't do when I started.

The other part to the fitness program, of course, is nutrition. For the first two weeks, we tracked what we ate [which I already do with SparkPeople, obviously] and then had a nutrition seminar with the main trainer where we went over the basics of proper nutrition. Then, after looking over our food logs, we had individual meetings with her. My diagnosis? I eat too much sugar [yeah, one of those weeks was a heat wave and I just wanted to eat frozen desserts!] and not enough calories in general. For my level of activity, I should be eating 2600-3000 calories to maintain my weight, and 2000+ for optimal weight loss. Well, I knew I needed to eat more but that much? She said to start with aiming for 1800-2200 calories a day and we'll go from there. After getting used to it [500+ additional calories a day is a big change!], I have to admit that she knows what she's doing [ha, who would have thought?]. I barely lost anything the first couple weeks [just a half pound] but now that I'm eating more, the weight's coming off much quicker. 3 pounds in two weeks is nothing to scoff at! My nutrition's still not perfect, but it's getting better. And I'm meeting with my trainer again tonight before our session to go over it some more.

Well, it's time to go change and head out for the gym! There's more I wanted to write about but I guess it'll have to wait!