Weigh-In, Weekly Recap

Well, another week has come to a close, although unfortunately the heat wave hasn't. I was going to get back to running this week, but the heat had other ideas so I had to settle for running in the pool. And swimming. And doing weights in the pool. I spent a lot of time in the pool this week. Thankfully, the heat's supposed to break at some point tomorrow or Tuesday, so it'll still be on the uncomfortable side of warm but none of this 93-feels-like-103-business.

Anyway, weigh in! I was excited on Friday morning because when I stepped on the scale, it said I was all the way down to 176.8! But then the heat wave got worse and despite the gallons of water I drank, some bloat from the heat increase is inevitable so the scale went back up the past two days. Not much, but I was a little disappointed. So today's weigh in was... 177.5! Almost a pound down from last week [0.9 is close enough, right?] and still a decent number. I'm excited to get into 176 though because from there, it's mostly uncharted territory [there was that one week where I hit 175 but I still maintain that was a fluke].
More than halfway there! Again!
Also, on Monday, I took my measurements for the beginning of the month:

I lost half an inch in my waist and hips each, and stayed the same everywhere else. Not too bad, considering I just started my strength training again the week before.

Nutrition-wise, I'm still working on hitting all my macronutrient goals and this week, I've also added in tracking my sodium. Sodium never used to be a concern for me because most of the food I ate was prepared by myself and I don't like adding salt into things. But lately, I've been relying more on convenience foods and thus, there's been a lot of sodium. So, that's my new focus.
It's a work in progress.
This week will hopefully see the return of running [I miss it so much], plus my regular strength training and aquafit classes. Next week, the 10 week fitness program at the gym starts! I'm so excited! The informational meeting is tomorrow evening so then I'll know for sure if I'll be doing it.