Weekly[ish] Update and Housekeeping

I know, I said I would update every weekend with my weight and that lasted... all of one week. But I've just been really busy! But before we get to that, you may have noticed something different about the site! [Or maybe not, as the redirect doesn't seem to be working at the moment.] I've finally gotten around to purchasing my own domain, so you can now point your browser directly to fuchsiagetsfit.com to keep up with all my shenanigans! Having my own domain also means having a related email address, so feel free to email me with any fitness related things at fuchsia-at-fuchsiagetsfit.com!

As for this week's weigh in, Sunday morning the scale said 179.5. Eight tenths of a pound isn't a huge amount but it's also not too bad. It's moving in the right direction, which is all I can ask for.

After weighing in, I went out for a run. I'm once again trying the half marathon training plan [I know, I "started" it back in March... and then April... and maybe in May... but minor injuries and bad weather kept sidelining me!]. Anyway, with the training plan, the long runs are scheduled for Sundays. Earlier in the week, I had done the longest run I'd ever done in one go, with a distance of 4 miles. Sunday, the training plan called for 6. I told myself that I would try for 6, but would be happy with 5 [I missed those long runs the first couple weeks of this training plan]. So I went out, water bottle in hand, and headed down to the bike path.

I did it! The longest distance I've ever run! Okay, I took a couple walking breaks [can you tell from the blips in my pace?] but a lot less than I'd expected. I was so proud of myself. And the next two Sundays also call for 6 miles each, so I can work on eliminating those walking breaks over those runs.

A few pictures from Sunday's run: