Product Review: Spibelt

I have a fair amount of stuff that I'd like to carry on my runs, but not enough space to carry them. I have an armband for my phone, where I usually stick my house key and my license as well, but getting one of the three out without pulling all of them out is a hassle. When I bike to local races, I have to add at least one more key [my bike lock] to the mix, plus usually my debit card for emergency money [or, more likely, a drink at the corner store on my way home]. And then there's the added bonus that the phone I use for music and logging my runs isn't the phone I use for actual phone calls [my Android is currently off a plan so I only use it on wifi and have a cheap tracfone for those rare calls] and yeah, two phones don't fit into my armband. So, if an actual emergency were to arise, I'd be pretty screwed anyway [my Android can call 911, but not my mom].

I've been thinking about this since last summer, and researching different things for holding my gear. It's not a lot of stuff, but it's enough to need something. I'm not comfortable with going out for longer runs or to races without a phone that can make calls. So, after much research and internal struggle [twenty dollars for a glorified fanny pack?], I finally settled on buying a spibelt.

I ordered it late on Friday, it was shipped on Monday and had arrived on Wednesday. Not bad for a pretty small company in Texas. This is the high visibility spibelt, it costs the same as the regular but is in brighter colours! Because when would I ever turn down a bright pink anything? [The picture came out a bit darker than it actually is, but it's also darker than shown on the website.] Besides, it matches my running shorts. Perfect.

As for holding my stuff, it does exactly what it says it will. My phone, ID, debit card, and house and bike keys all fit into it, with capacity to spare. That'll be good for when I get into the heavy duty half marathon training and need nourishment on my two hour long runs.

I took it out for the first run and my immediate reaction was that it does what it says it will. It stays in place, and it holds all my stuff. I was confused as to where to put it [it says to put it below your waist but I have a very high natural waist so do they mean halfway between that and my bellybutton? Or closer to my bellybutton? Or even lower?]. Unfortunately, I have a pretty flabby stomach so anything exerting pressure on it, to stay in place or whatever, makes awful lumps elsewhere on my stomach. The spibelt was no exception. 

I've gone on a few runs since that first one and have finally found a good position for it, just above my hip bones.

Can you spot it? It continues to do a great job, and is still unnoticeable to me even after four miles of running. And, even though I was sweaty and didn't get the waterproof model, everything was still dry after I got home. So, I'm pretty satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs an extra pouch while running. I know that I feel more at ease now that I've got everything with me.