June Start

Well, I've been weighing in frequently and although it does keep me accountable to an extent, I realized the other piece of the puzzle was missing: keeping myself accountable to you, dear readers. So I'm going to start up again with the weekly weigh-ins and monthly progress pictures/stats. Today, I weighed in at 180.3 which, while not great, is better than the 186 or so that last week started with. So, yay! Progress!

I also took my measurements and updated all my SparkPeople stats, which I hadn't done in months:
So, I gained an inch here and there but overall, it's not too bad considering how badly I've slacked on strength training.

And then, to finish it all off, I took some updated progress pictures, which actually don't look too different than my last ones:

To kick off the new month, I also went grocery shopping yesterday and bought a ton of healthy food.
My fridge has looked like this for WEEKS, basically.

I mostly based my shopping list off of this post, which is why I'm glad I documented my start so well last year!

I've also been doing work on my goals and rewards list. As a reminder, I get a star charm on my bracelet for every 5 pounds I lose [starting once I get back below 176 because I've already got the charm for that]. I've got some non-weight related goals, and I'll add more of those as I go along.

  • run 5K without walking, finishing under 30 minutes: sneaker charm, new heart rate monitor
  • finish all Zombies, Run! season 1 missions: charm for my bracelet (to be determined), new phone! (*This may be impossible without a new phone for reasons but in the event that I can't actually finish it, I will just count one mission done for every ~25 minutes of running.]
Weight goals:
  • 170: mani pedi, new short sleeve tech shirt
  • 165: buy remaining Circle of Magic books, new tech shirt
  • 160: buy remaining Circle Opens books, new running shorts
  • 155: buy remaining  Tamora Pierce books [Will of the Empress, hardcover First Test], new running outfit
  • 150: new swimsuit
  • 145: traveling cupcake dress from modcloth
  • 140: new ice skates
  • 135: train trip dress from modcloth
Hmm, that doesn't look too bad when it's written out like that. Totally doable. And yes, I am bribing myself with books. They're the books by my favourite author (Tamora Pierce) that I don't own at the moment (or, in the case of First Test, it doesn't match the rest of the set) so they're definitely motivation.