Fitness Class: Women with Weights

Today, I headed to the gym before work to try out a fitness class. Well, I had planned on going earlier for some swimming before the class but that didn't work out [I was exhausted and ended up sleeping well past my alarm]. Still, I was determined to get to the strength training class "Women with Weights", which was described as circuit training for all ages and abilities. Now, I've never done circuit training of any kind before [I know it was all the rage a few years ago], and I'm very lax on my strength training lately. Plus, it's been years since I took a gym class of any kind. So, this was going to be interesting.

The instructor, surprisingly, was not a woman teaching the women-only class. That wasn't really off-putting to me but I understand how it could be to some people. The class was small, eight of us total, and I was awkward and apprehensive at first, especially while the instructor was saying what we'd be doing for the circuits. Jackknife? Haha, yeah right. I did the modified one for those, and that was still difficult [mostly because my wrist started hurting, but not entirely because of that]. The rest wasn't too bad, although I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow, but those were awful.

Once we actually started on the circuit, the instructor came around and corrected my form. A lot. The only ones I didn't need help with form were the jackknives, surprisingly, and walking lunges. But by the end, I had gotten everything down. And that's why it's important to have an instructor, to tell you how to do things correctly! He didn't make me feel embarrassed for needing corrections,  he was just helpful. Which was nice and what I needed! I was familiar with most of the exercises [dumbbell flys, tricep kickbacks, etc.] but had never had someone actually show me how to do them other than through workout videos.

We paired up for the circuit and by the end, my partner [an older woman] and I were laughing about the awful jackknives and sighing with relief when we got to the exercises we did like. She even reminded me when I let my form drop once while the instructor was with someone else. She was great! And after the cooldown, a couple of the others said that they hope I come back [I will!], and one even said I should go to yoga with her this afternoon. [Unfortunately, yoga's at 4 and I'm at work until 5 so I have to miss out on this session but maybe next time.]

So, it was definitely a good time and I'm looking forward to next week's class. I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow's soreness but, well, it's my punishment for letting my strength training lapse. That soreness will go away soon enough.