Fitness Class: AquaFit

I've always wanted to try water aerobics. It sounds like fun and hey, you're in the water so you're not sweating a whole bunch! So when I joined the Y and saw that they offered a class called "AquaFit", I was excited to try it out. It's on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am, which just happens to work out perfectly with my work schedule, so I headed over on Wednesday morning to check it out.

First of all, can I just say how different the Y is from my old gym? I know, I covered that in another post but I mean this in another way. The people here are so friendly. Not that the people at Planet Fitness were mean or anything, more that they just... weren't social. I saw the same people every day and we didn't so much as say hi in the locker room. Here, however, people have no problems with starting up conversations with whoever in the locker room, and alleviating any nerves about new classes. So, when I got to the locker room on Wednesday and changed into my bathing suit, one of the women there immediately took me under her wing for the class.

The AquaFit class actually isn't just water aerobics, it turns out-- there are water weights that we use, as well as noodles for resistance. There's a fair amount of jogging, jumping jacks, etc. but there are also a lot of crunches and dumbbell curls, squats and lunges. I was surprised at the soreness in my calves on Thursday! Most of the class took place in the shallow end of the pool, but we spent about 15 or 20 minutes in the deep end [optional, some stayed in the shallow end] doing mostly core exercises. Exercising in the deep end was harder, but I liked it better. We stayed in the shallow end on Friday and my feet kept hitting the bottom of the pool, which wasn't a problem in the deep end!

I should also mention that I was the youngest person in the class by at least 25 years. But I loved it anyway! Friday, one of the women asked me how I liked being in a class with all old people [her words, not mine!] and I replied that as long as I could keep up with them, I knew I was doing okay! Honestly, it's not an overall challenging class but there are definitely some things that are difficult. Plus, I think my knee's ready to get back to running this weekend [once I can find a spare minute or two] and this class will be a nice break on my non-running days. In addition to that, we do a lot of running drills in the water [high knees, running backwards, etc.] that will improve my running.

All in all, it's a very enjoyable class and I'm looking forward to next week. The only problem is, the Wednesday class is at the same time as the Women with Weights class so I think I'm going to end up alternating them every other week once I adjust to the weights class [right now I'm just going to that one on Mondays].

Next week, I'll be checking out the kickboxing class on Tuesday! If I'm not too sore from Monday's weights class, that is.