Race Recap: Cherry Tree 5K

I was supposed to run the half marathon for this but got way behind on training thanks to the harsh winter, so I instead signed up for the 5K. I figured, even with taking some time off for very minor injuries, I'd be all set. Plus, it was the exact same route as the Irish 5K so I was familiar with the course and figured I would at least beat that time, right? Well... apparently, not running until a week and a half before the race, plus gaining some weight, AND the first 80+ day of the year, means that you'll get an abysmal time. Oops. I finished at 34:52, a complete minute slower than my slowest time to date. But let's not focus on that! Let's instead look at the pretty pictures. I'm getting much better at taking pictures while running.
Aaaand we're off!
Pink blossoms <3

Thinned out pack about 2.5 miles in

Heading for the homestretch!
The official photos of me from the race actually look great too [for the first time ever!] so I'm even considering buying one of those. So I guess, what I lacked in pace, I made up for in photographs?

Next year, though... next year I'm definitely doing the half marathon.