Back in Tune

Well, I think winter weather has officially left. We had some frost last week but we're due for our first summer thunderstorm tonight so, it's here [no, spring doesn't exist here in the northeast]. With the change of seasons, I have many other changes in mind. The biggest, thankfully, is that I've been getting back in tune with my body. For too long, I've just been paying attention to the number on the scale and [maybe] the number of calories I've been eating. Not anymore.

Being in tune with my body means eating enough [and not too much], but also eating enough of the right foods. Lots of fruits and veggies, which were sorely lacking in my winter diet. Listening to when I'm really too tired to go for a run, or when I'm just feeling lazy. Knowing, just by paying attention to my body, whether I've gone up on the scale or not.

That was this morning. I had a great weekend of weight loss, but I knew as soon as I woke up this morning that I was up a little. I had eaten well yesterday [chili, lots of salad and fruit], but also some salty things [I do love tortilla chips]. Not bad, and I stayed well within my calorie ranges [plus went for a 50 minute run], but I felt bloated this morning. Stepped on the scale and yep, I was up. Probably not something to celebrate, but I was so excited to actually recognize that feeling, to know that I was in tune with my body, that I was happy anyway. I've been ignoring my body's signals for far too long, and treating it so badly that I think it had stopped giving out those signals, at least where I could hear them. But not anymore. We're back to communicating. Amazing what happens when you do what you're supposed to, right?

Also, the past couple weeks have paid off on the scale as well-- after reaching a way-too-high number in my carelessness, I'm back down to about 178 after only a few changes. My goal is to get back down to 176 by the end of the week [which is totally doable], and then I can work on finally getting below that number I've been stuck at since September.

Of course, this means that the cardigan I bought a month ago, which fit perfectly then, is now gigantic on me but... oh well.

Other changes:
  • I will hopefully be switching gyms, to the local YMCA. They have a pool, rock climbing wall, classes, and lots of other stuff to keep me interested. Plus, they're much closer to my house and work than my current gym, so I can even walk there in bad weather over the winter.
  • I officially started getting paid at the library. I've been here since October as a volunteer and my hours/days have been gradually increasing since then so it's not a complete shock to my schedule, but it does mean that I have less free time. 
  • On the other hand, getting paid also means that I have more money [as in, any] so I'm going to redo my goals/rewards list. It's no secret that I lost momentum, and not being able to actually give myself rewards didn't help, so I think coming up with new rewards that actually cost money will be a little motivating. I'll write up that list soon, I've already got a few picked out.
  • I started a youtube channel and I'm going to be, occasionally, posting videos there. I want to do entire vlogs but also, just little videos of me exercising, trying on clothes, etc. There are a few videos up there already, of me attempting to dance to some Wii games. Enjoy.