WW week *mumblemumble*

...five, officially? I missed a few weeks there due to the holidays and unsafe biking conditions. But the roads were finally clear of ice today so I biked to Massachusetts for my meeting. And I just have to say, the route has not gotten any easier! It's steep hills the entire way. Coming home is slightly easier, but only just.
Pictures don't do it justice, but this is the worst.
Plus, I went out for a short morning run before hopping on my bike so my legs were officially tired by the time I actually got to my meeting!

Anyway, I knew from my morning body test on the WiiFit that the scale would be in my favor today... but I still wasn't expecting what the numbers said. I thought I'd lose the 0.8 that I gained over December and indeed, the only thing I heard the receptionist say was "point eight". So when I sat down in my chair and finally looked at my weight, I was shocked. I was down 1.8! 4.2 total since joining in November, which isn't a great number but is fine for the holidays. And I'm finally updating my ticker/info on my info page!
So close to 45 pounds... again.
Today's meeting was [and the month is] focused on eating more fruits and veggies. Now, this isn't really something I struggle with, as long as I have the money for them [it's not even halfway through January and my food budget for the month is already shot; fruit in the winter is expensive!]. But I did realize that I tend to eat the same fruits and veggies in the same ways. Not that all I'm eating is tomatoes and lettuce; one of my favourite recipes involves bok choy and my favourite fruit is persimmons [although they're hard to find here!]. But I make the same recipes over and over and over. Because I like them, and they're easy, and I know they're relatively inexpensive.

But I think that's why I've been turning to cake and other high calorie foods lately. I like these dishes, and I still enjoy them, but they're not exciting anymore. And it's kind of silly that I stick to these few dishes, when I've got dozens of cookbooks [from most of which I've only made a couple recipes each] and lots of yummy-looking recipes on pinterest. And I just stick to the same recipes!

So, my challenge to myself: make a new recipe every week. Ideally, this will happen for the rest of the year but right now, I'm just setting myself a 12 week time frame. That'll bring me to the beginning of April. I think I can do that.

Oh, and because I lost weight this week [and not even a significant number!], I got a surprise when I went to log my food:
28 points? OH NO, I lost a point! Nooooooo! I wasn't expecting this to come so soon! I haven't even earned my first 5 pound reward yet!