Weight Watchers Week 3

...I know, I missed week 2 but that's because I actually missed my meeting! I got asked to come into work at the library on Saturday, during my usual meeting time, and it was snowing early in the morning so I didn't feel comfortable riding my bike to the 8am meeting [for those wondering about Christmas presents, I would LOVE a new brake mechanism for my rear brake, thanks!]. The bad thing about going to Saturday meetings is that if you miss that day, that's the end of the week. [The good thing about Saturday meetings, at least 1pm Saturday meetings, is that they're very small!] Anyway, the weather was decent today [well, raining in the morning but cleared up by noon] so I biked to the meeting. And I'll have a car for the next two weekends so I won't have to worry about the weather!
Biking to Massachusetts for my weekly meeting sounds impressive... until you learn that it's only about 4 miles from my house. Then it doesn't sound impressive. But then you learn that it's literally steep hills the entire way and then it sounds impressive again, right?

Anyway, I weighed in and I was up 0.2 from two weeks ago... eh, I'll take it. Not bad for a week where eating was erratic, between traveling and being in New York and traveling again and then being just plain exhausted. I tracked most days, but some days I ate too little and some days I ate too much. I guess it balanced out, though.

At the meeting, they rolled out the new Weight Watchers 360 plan... all new materials! Okay, I love WW but do they really need to change the program so often? When I did it in 2004-2007, they didn't change the program ONCE, and it worked great. They just changed the program a year ago, and now they're changing it again! Okay, the changes aren't really huge [just additions, really, to the previous plan] but it does have a ton more materials and I feel like it's just an annoying marketing strategy to get people to spend more money every 12 months.

ANYWAY. Aside from my complaints about that, the "new" program focuses on making healthy choices a habit and routine [which is something WW's always been behind, but now it's a definite part of the plan]. Our task this week is to think of one little thing we can turn into a habit, and how, and to start doing that. You know what mine's going to be for the week? Food at work. Since I'm only there 5 hours a day, and we're understaffed, I don't get a lunch break but I'm out of the house about 6 hours counting the walk to and from the library. I eat breakfast before leaving my house at 11:30, but it's not time for lunch yet. I constantly forget to bring a snack or lunch to eat at the library and by the time I get home, I'm incredibly hungry. Lunchtime's long gone, it's suppertime and I should've had both a lunch and a snack before then but I haven't. So instead, I get home and eat so much. Days I work at the library are definitely throwing me off track. So the healthy habit I'm going to work on this week is remembering to bring a snack.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from my meeting this afternoon and, in addition to regular foodstuffs I needed, I bought a bag of grapes for one snack idea. I've already got two little containers packed up and ready to grab on my way out Tuesday morning. I'm going to stop by another [cheaper] grocery store tomorrow and get a bunch of apples, too, and slice those up for another snack.

I'm terribly bad at thinking of actual lunches-to-go that will keep me satisfied all day, but I think these snacks of fruit will do better than a peanut butter sandwich or something anyway.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the gym for the first time in 3 months! No, I haven't been slacking [much] on exercise, I've just been running outside these three months. But my asthma doesn't like the cold, and my lungs are working super hard whenever I go out running lately, so I've decided that it's time to switch back to the treadmill for a few months [well, I'll still run outside once in a while but not as often as I have been]. Plus, I'm paying for this membership, I might as well use it. Right? Also, showers! So this will be exciting and a nice change.