WW week one

Well, I completed my first week of Weight Watchers. I have to say, getting back into the swing of things wasn't too difficult. I'd forgotten how simple points are compared to counting every macronutrient. I counted pretty much every point [although I did guess on a few things from Thanksgiving] and ended the week with only 9 weekly points left, but still. I also didn't get as much exercise as I'd like, thanks to a persistent sore throat [which is finally getting better!] but given what I could do, I think I did pretty well for the week.

And the scale agreed. I weighed in at the meeting today and was down 3.2 pounds from last week! Not bad for a week with Thanksgiving just two days before weigh-in. And while I didn't super overindulge at Thanksgiving, I did eat more than I usually would. I ate 55 points and I may have underestimated a few things but still, that's not too bad for a holiday. Most of those points came from stuffing... I don't eat stuffing normally so of course I'll have a couple extra servings on this special occasion!

But, back to the subject of WW! I'm so happy to be back at meetings. I really do hope that I can afford to stay around until I'm back to my goal weight. Just sitting in the room every week, hearing other people's stories and knowing I'm not alone, revitalizes my commitment and that's something I definitely needed. Today I stayed for one of the "power sessions" [I guess that's what they're called...? The new "getting started" sessions] and there were two new people as well. One was brand new to WW, the other had joined in the summer but stopped coming due to life. But the brand new person, she's about my age and lives just the city over from me. I hope we can be WW buddies! That would be great! I miss having a real-life WW buddy [I did all my meetings in college with a friend, but haven't had anyone to attend meetings with since], they're even greater motivation and accountability and also, FRIENDS.

I also had a terribly sore throat for a week [until I got a humidifier on Thursday] so that's been affecting... well, everything from my sleep to my voice but most importantly, my exercise. I have not been exercising as much as I'd like to! I finally got out for a run today, for the first time since last Wednesday, but other than that I've just been walking and treadclimbing... and not much of either. I haven't had the energy, due to the busy week and not sleeping well [thanks to the sore throat which only shows up at night], and I didn't want to go running outside and possibly make my sore throat worse. So I played it safe, and rested up. And, well, I'm happy with that decision.

Trying to get back into exercise now that my throat's mostly fine again, I did go for a run this morning before my WW meeting, and I completed 2 miles with no problems. Well, the first half mile was a rough start, both because of the dry air [my asthma does NOT like the lack of humidity, which is why I have this sore throat to begin with] and due to not running for over a week. But the further I ran, the easier it got. And then I biked to my meeting, which is only 4 miles away so I figured it wouldn't be too bad. Well... yeah, those four miles are almost entirely hills. It was ROUGH. My lungs were on fire for a good part of it. But I did it. And the bike ride home was easier, I think my lungs are already getting used to working in the dry air. They usually adapt pretty quickly, it's just a matter of the first few workouts being tough to get through... so hopefully the rest of the winter will be smooth sailing! Haha.

I've got the Downtown Jingle 5K coming up next Sunday [and then off to New York for a few days!] and then I'm going to hold off on any official 5Ks until March. Between now and then, I'm going to work on *gulp* half marathon training! Ahh, I can't believe that I'm actually doing this but... I'm actually doing this!

Anyway, with Thanksgiving over, it's time to look towards winter [aka my FAVOURITE season]. I'm nervous about running outside in the winter but I'm going to do it! I've got a good amount of gear [and hoping for more winter running gear for Christmas, hint hint] and will just take the weather as it comes. LET'S DO THIS!