Is it time for a change?

I'm a firm believer in switching things up every so often in this "being healthy and losing weight" game. You have to, or else you won't stick with it for the rest of your life [or maybe that's just me and the ADD talking]. I've been struggling since September and although I've been lucky enough not to gain any weight [look, I can maintain!], I also haven't lost any. I'm still doing pretty well with the exercise side of things [yesterday I ran 3 straight miles with no walking for the first time in my entire life!], well... at least cardio. I'm getting back into strength training, though [I did pushups for the first time in two months last night and let me tell you, my shoulders are feeling it this morning!]. That's not the problem.

The problem is the food side. I was near perfect [and by "perfect", I mean "within my plan's margin of error", leaving room for treats now and then] with what I ate for the first six months or so. I never went out of my expected calorie range [except on planned "cheat" days], I always burned 500-1000 more calories through exercise than I consumed, I was always moving and sticking to my plan for the day. Now, I overindulge in sweets [I made chocolate chip cookie dough covered brownies this weekend, need I say more?] and find it hard to stick to my calorie goals because I'm eating non-filling foods. And I know what the problem is, I just said it right there, but I still find it hard to eat the right stuff.

On the internet side of things, I'm not as involved as I used to be with sparkpeople. I still log my food and exercise, read the emails, and do a few extra things to get points every day. I read my friends' blog entries, if they have any. But that's it. I used to enjoy reading the articles on the site, which provided health information and motivation and tips, and they were a huge factor in keeping me motivated to stay on track. But after more than six months of 3 articles a day, I've read almost all of them by now [and the ones I haven't read are pretty hard to find]. And a lot of my sparkpeople friends also aren't as involved as they used to be.

So I'm wondering: Is it time to switch things up? I've always held onto the Weight Watchers option for when I needed a change. Is this it? Sure, going to meetings would require a lot of finagling of my budget, not to mention finding a way to get to meetings because there aren't any immediately around me. [There are a few locations within biking distance but with winter coming, that option won't be around for much longer.] But on the other hand, I'd have a chance to meet up with other people in the area who are going through similar things. I'd have a concrete date and time where I'd be accountable. [Let's be honest, I haven't been accountable in a long time unless I've had a particularly good week.] And, importantly, Weight Watchers and sparkpeople work well together, they're basically the same except WW uses points [and costs money].

I'm starting to think that I need meetings again. I always knew it would come to this eventually, and I do love WW's meetings. I just thought maybe I'd be able to keep the self-propelled accountability going for a little longer. But I've been stagnant and do need something new, and switching up my exercise hasn't been doing the trick. Plus, this is generally WW's slow season so if I start now, I'll get to know the leaders and members before the New Year's rush!

Okay, I've talked it out with myself and it sounds like something I should do. Now there's just the part where I have to come up with money for it... $40 for a monthly pass doesn't sound like much, but it's a lot month after month. Sigh. At least I've got a few jobs coming up in the next couple months. Maybe I should take up a collection? Hahaha. I guess I'll go and figure this out.