weigh in, measurements, monthly goals

This week was amazing and full of accomplishments. On Tuesday, I celebrated the six month mark of committing to this healthier life. I honestly can't believe how much has changed in that time. I'm a completely different person and love life now. In addition, this week I ran a full mile without stopping, and completed a 5K yesterday. And then, weigh in today... well. I was completely shocked when I stepped on the scale today. It had already gone down a couple pounds during the week... but I was surprised to see that it went down another 2.5 pounds in the last 24 hours. I lost a total of 5 pounds this week and moved into the 170s! It certainly makes up for the last few lackluster weeks on the scale.

44 pounds down, 42 to go. I'm over halfway there! An awesome way to mark 6 months in. If I can keep this up, I'll be at goal in another six months. That's not likely, because weight loss slows down the closer one gets to goal, but I'll still be really close!

I also took my measurements yesterday before the race, and losses are as follows:
  • waist: 1 inch [total: 4 inches]
  • hips: 1 inch [total: 3.5 inches]
  • thigh: 1 inch [total: 4 inches]
  • arm: 0 [total: 2.5 inches]
  • belly: 0.5 inch [total: 7.5 inches]
And according to this home body fat test, my body fat percentage went from 25.6% last month to 25%. So, that's pretty awesome because I'm close to a healthy body fat percentage [22%]!

As for my goals for August... I didn't do so amazing on some of them.
  • lose 6 pounds [actual: 10.2!]
  • bike 300 miles [actual: 105. Didn't even come close but my bike's been out of commission for most of the month.]
  • accumulate 2500 fitness minutes [actual: 2384. Didn't hit it, but I came close.]
  • continue 5K training, including transitioning to outdoor running [absolutely did this!]
  • sign up for one or two 5Ks in September [completed one yesterday!]
  • continue yoga 2x/week [I did some weeks, some weeks I didn't do any yoga at all. Oops!]
  • strength training 2x/week [Yes! Except for this past week, which I'd purposefully taken off from strength training. Will continue P90X this week.]
September goals:
  • lose 6 pounds
  • lose 4 inches total
  • run 40 miles
  • accumulate 2500 fitness minutes
  • work up to running the entire 5K
  • yoga 2x/week
  • continue P90X
I have a really good feeling about September!