two weeks in pictures

The last couple weeks have been super busy so I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I wasn't stellar with my eating but hey, my little brother was getting married and that only happens once [hopefully]! But now the wedding's over and I'm back to work. Just a few days back on track and it's already paying off, so let's hope this trend continues!

As it's midnight and I want to get to sleep soon [and still have to do a write-up for my online book club for tomorrow's chapter], I figured I'd just post some pictures and let them [mostly] speak for themselves.

This t-shirt used to fit snugly. Now it is a tent.
just being silly and dressing up to clean the house
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trying on the dress for my brother's wedding
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rocking a skirt and shirt that haven't fit in a couple years!
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dress for my brother's rehearsal dinner... and fresh dye on my hair!
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Wearing PANTS! For the first time in years! These are a size 11 and I wore them all day [even outside in public on a walk to the grocery store!]
Even the cats are benefitting from my weight loss...
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This is an odd picture, I know, but bear with me here. This is me and Ginny all snuggled up in my recliner, with room to spare. I feel like I wasn't that big but honestly, there was never room for any of the cats to sit on the side of me. And now there's lots and that is Ginny's new favourite spot!

And, because people are curious, here are two pictures of me from the wedding...
the only thing more annoying than the date stamp is the fact that the date is WRONG
my sister, my brother, and I
Oh yeah, and there was a happy couple too:

Anyway, that's mostly what I've been up to [besides nursing a knee injury so I haven't been running in a week!]. On Wednesday, I go over to my mom's for a week to house sit, so I'll have some new routes to run and bike on. Or new-ish, rather, as they're the roads I spent 20 or so years walking, biking, and driving. A change in scenery, at least.