The Love List

I have this running commentary in my head of things I love now that I've lost 37 pounds and vastly improved my fitness. I'm going to write down all that I can think of right now.

I love:
  1. No more back pain! 
  2. I can *literally* jump out of bed in the morning [I did today!] 
  3. Better sleep, and having enough energy throughout the day
  4. Being able to put more and more miles on my bike every month 
  5. Carrying 20 pounds of groceries home doesn't make my arms feel like they're about to fall off. It also doesn't slow down my pace anymore! 
  6. My legs. I really, really, REALLY love my legs. Have you gotten that memo yet?
  7. I've rediscovered my love of whole foods and cooking 
  8. Being able to do any workout I want [not always wonderfully, but still a decent effort] 
  9. Going through my "cannot wear" closet and getting to move a few more items to my "can wear" closet every few weeks 
  10. Looking at myself in the mirror and enjoying what I see 
  11. Walking around my house in short shorts and/or a sports bra and not feeling embarrassed [which was ridiculous because I live by myself!] 
  12. Running! 
  13. Inspiring my friends to be healthier
  14. Being happier in general [yay endorphins!] 
  15. Never being obese ever again 
  16. Getting to put a new charm on my bracelet every few weeks 
  17. Better posture 
  18. That feeling of working hard for something and achieving it 
  19. Having a large selection of dresses to wear to my brother's wedding in September, whereas a few months ago I had NONE 
  20. So much self-confidence! 
  21. Rekindling my friendships with my runner friends and starting new friendships with other fitness-minded people 
  22. Having an excuse to get out of my house every day to go to the gym or for a bike ride 
  23. Exercising instead of wallowing in my anxiety and depression 
  24. Being able to move fast enough to catch Felix [my half-feral cat] within a minute instead of a 20 minute chase that leaves both of us tired [and her scared] 
  25. Going further in yoga poses and doing sequences that used to be too difficult 
  26. Feeling like I could possibly beat my spin-maniac mother in a bike race [even if her bike *is* better than mine and has clipped pedals] 
  27. Just feeling so much better overall. I LOVE everything I can do now! 
  28. Being strong, healthy, and happy. 

So, those are 28 things off the top of my head. What are some things on your "love list"?