Running playlists!

Believe it or not, I've been pretty much working out to the same playlist since March. I threw in some Girl Talk to mix it up for a bit, but mostly it's been the same music. And I've gotten so bored with it. Also, some of the songs are fine for the elliptical or weights but don't have the fast tempo I really need for running which I'm now focusing on. So, I've been taking suggestions for the past few days and combing through my own vast music collection [which is fun because I always rediscover things that have just been collecting metaphorical dust on my external hard drive for the past few years]. I still have a lot of work to do [my friends all suggested a ton of songs that I don't actually have, so I'll have to gather those in the coming days!] but so far, I've come up with four separate playlists that are all over 40 minutes long [my runs are usually 30-40 minutes]. Perfect!

First up, the 80s playlist:
[Yes, I realize that this is sorely lacking in Beastie Boys. I'm working on that!] I need to mess with the order of this still, but this is basically what I ran to today. I discovered that "Walking on Sunshine" and "Rock This Town" are pretty much perfect running songs, and just built on that with similar sounds.

Next, the geek playlist:
I don't expect a lot of people to recognize more than a handful of these songs. But, they're all up-tempo songs that I love to listen to, and they always put a smile on my face! This playlist is my shortest at the moment [41 minutes], it's severely lacking in wizard rock but I still have about 100GB of wrock to go through. I didn't feel like doing that tonight... so I just pulled the few from my already existing workout playlist.

Then, the punk playlist:
Some of this is folk punk, some of it is punk bands covering pop songs, some might not technically be punk... but it all fits together so whatever. It's no secret that punk is my favourite musical genre [with the possible exception of nerd rock] so it shouldn't be a surprise that this is my longest playlist. And I didn't even dig through most of my stuff, which I still need to do.

And finally, the "miscellaneous" playlist [which will probably be divided into further genres as more songs get added]:
There's no logic to this playlist other than upbeat songs that I'll probably enjoy running to. I mean, from 90s girl pop to [sort of] wizard rock to boy bands to German disco... Nope, no rhyme or reason here. Special shout out for "Even Marathon Runners Need to Nap" because even though it's not really a good running song, I needed to include it and figured it could be a cool-down song or something. Because, come on. With a name like that, I couldn't not put it in.

As for running itself, running outside on Wednesday didn't mess up my ankle [yay!] although I definitely have to build up my ankle strength regarding pavement running. I also finished week 5 of my 5K training, I can't believe that I only have 3 weeks left! I feel great and today I ran/walked a 5K [on the treadmill] in 37:12. Not too shabby!

Yay running! Yay running music! Good night!