outdoor running: attempt #2, with new app

I wasn't feeling motivated to do much of anything today [even skipped the bike ride with my meetup group this morning] but I'd promised that I would go out for a run today due to skipping the bike ride. I wasn't aiming for an intense run, just a few laps around the track to continue getting my ankle used to outdoor running. Well, once I start, I can never do anything halfway so I ended up doing an "extra session" of last week's 5K training plan. Six intervals of 3min running, 2min walking. Since I didn't quite complete the training on Wednesday [my first attempt at running outside], I figured it made up for that.

I used a new app on my phone, since I've been having issues with MapMyFitness. I tried out RunKeeper this time because I noticed that I can set my own interval training and it'll prompt me when to start running or walking, without needing to constantly look at the time. This is awesome! [The other app I'm going to try out, Endomondo, also has this feature but only with the paid app. Which I can't buy at the moment and don't want to buy without first seeing if the app otherwise works well for me.] So I loaded my new running playlists onto my phone before leaving the house and got to run along to my music with occasional, integrated reminders to start running, or that I'd ran another half mile, or such. The "coach" talked over the music, which was great because having my music be interrupted always messes up my beat a little. But not with this app!

The GPS and pace estimates were way more accurate than I'd been experiencing with MapMyFitness, so that was good to see. I kept pretty much on pace during the runs [with the exception of the last interval where I was feeling reeeeeally worn out all of a sudden], my pace stayed between 9 and [about] 10min/mi, which is very close to my treadmill running speed. Not too bad for feeling like I wasn't moving at ALL! [I'm used to the speed of bikes, okay?] When I got home and uploaded the info to the RunKeeper website, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they gave me a breakdown of my pace per interval! This really helps. Okay RunKeeper, you've made me fall in love with you [for the time being, at least].
[And then when I saved the data, foursquare gave me a 5K badge! Totally unexpected!]

I had no problems with my ankle, but my knee did have a slight discomfort at times [but that's nothing new, usually I just take some aleve before I go running but I didn't today...]. Actually, everything's been going so well that I did sign up for the 5K on September 1st, which I'd been putting off because I wasn't sure about my ankle. So, yeah, I will be doing an official 5K in less than two weeks... eeep! Maybe my mom will come and take horribly unattractive pictures of me [because who looks good when they're running, honestly? Well okay, Sheryl does but she looks good all the time]. I'm not aiming to beat my PR or anything, just to finish, preferably under 40 minutes [today's run was 40:59, including 10 minutes of warm up/cool down, so it's totally doable if I keep training the next two weeks]. But honestly, I just want to run and finish the race, and not let my ankle hold me back.

Look, I'm officially signed up!
If things go well with this race, I might sign up for another 5K two weeks later [when my 5K training is officially done!]. The thing is that the September 1st race is reeeeeally small [they're thinking they *might* get a thousand participants] whereas the one on the 16th is huge in comparison [almost 5,000 people ran it last year]. I've only ever ran in one race before, and it was small like the September 1st race, so I'm apprehensive about running with so many people. I'll do them eventually, but I was thinking of saving them until next year when I've gotten a few more smaller races done. So, we'll see. I have until the 10th to decide.

I just really love running and am so glad that I can do it again!