outdoor running: attempt #1

Today was just... not working out. I woke up at 7am due to a sudden thunderstorm [the thunder didn't wake me up, the wind blowing the rain into my bedroom and onto me did!] and then couldn't get back to sleep. Finally, at 9am my alarm went off... and then I went back to sleep after that, ha! Slept until almost noon [P90X is really wearing me out, but it's a good kind of exhaustion!] and then finally got up... only to receive some bad news that sidelined me for a bit.

Due to the late start [and super late breakfast], I didn't leave the house for the gym until about 2:45, an hour later than I usually do, and only got about a half mile from my house before getting a flat tire. So instead of dragging my bike the other 2 miles to the gym [and then back home], I just turned around and headed home. But I wasn't going to let this derail my plans! After the bad news of the day, I really needed my endorphins. And, well, I did say that I would try outdoor running this week, so why not today? So after dropping off my bike back home, I headed to the public track to see how this would go.

I'll be honest: It wasn't great. It wasn't terribly bad, either. It was just... different. I've mentioned before that for me, the most difficult part of running is the mental part, telling myself that I can continue on. I've also mentioned that I don't really push myself, pace-wise, unless I have someone else [or the treadmill] telling me to keep to a certain pace. So I could have gone faster, and I felt like I wasn't moving at all [which didn't help with the mental aspect] but I still don't think it was a bad first attempt.
I'm super attractive when I run. And totally don't look like I'm about to fall asleep.
Except for the fact that I didn't stick to the training plan. I was supposed to do 6 intervals of 3 minutes running, 2 minutes walking. I did the first two... well, sort of. Each interval, I did 3 laps of running around the track [which amounted to about 3.5 minutes] and one lap of walking [about 2 minutes]. But then, the third interval, I just wasn't feeling it. I did two laps of running, so, you know... still not bad. But then the fourth and fifth intervals, I only did one lap, and my speed must have slowed down a lot because it took me 1.5 minutes. Then, suddenly, the overcast and slightly cool day turned into a sunny, hot afternoon and I just could not run in that weather. So I did another couple laps of walking around the track, and then walked back home.

Oh, and the track wasn't that soft, sort of squishy material that most tracks are made of, which I was hoping for to help absorb the impact on my ankle. Nope, it was plain old hard pavement:

So, that was a disappointment. In addition to that, running around the same quarter mile loop is... boring. Which didn't help with the mental struggle. And the GPS on my phone didn't seem to be entirely accurate because it was such a small loop. So as excited as I was to find this track, I think I'm going to abandon it in favor of running on the bike path when I run outside. If my ankle doesn't have any negative side effects from running outside today, I'm planning on doing outdoor running once a week. This might be an additional running day, at least at first, considering how well I didn't stick to the 5K plan [I'm thinking of going to the gym tomorrow to get the actual training in?]. We'll see how this all works out. Here's hoping for no ankle pain tomorrow!