weigh-in and bike ride

Okay, first off, the weekly stuff: I weighed in at 190.7 today, down 2.8 pounds from two weeks ago [remember, I didn't count last week because I knew it was all temporary bloat... indeed, it all went away on Monday]. That makes 30.3 pounds lost total! I'm almost out of the 190s, and am over a third of the way to my goal weight. I was going to take some pictures, but those will have to wait because I had other things to do this morning.

This morning was a bike ride with the local cyclist meetup group. Neither my social anxiety nor desire to stay in bed got the better of me. Neither did the fact that I had to do a factory reset on my phone again this morning [third time in two weeks!]. I got to the site a little after 9:30, which gave me plenty of time to meet people and attempt to socialize before we set off at 10. Everyone was very welcoming and super friendly. I warned them that I'm horrible at names, so hopefully they won't take offense when I don't remember them next time! It was a pretty big group today, I didn't count but there were over 40 people confirmed for the event. The weather was beautiful and everyone was happy for such a nice ride.

It was a pretty diverse group, most people were middle-aged but there were a couple people around my age and a few older. All different fitness levels, from people who hadn't been on a bike in a year or two to people who regularly ride long distances. It was a long [20 miles] but easy route, so I think that was the appeal of this ride. Just a few hills and no need to keep up a fast pace. A lot of people had shiny, expensive bikes so I felt a little self-conscious about my beat up 70s Schwinn, but I love my bike so that didn't last long [and then someone made a comment about how vintage Schwinns are really great bikes, so there!]. There was no bike snobbery, which was great [something that cyclists in Chicago tend to be guilty of].

Since we kept a pretty easy pace [and it was go-at-your-own-pace anyway], it was a great opportunity to enjoy the weather and scenery. I also got to chat with a few people while we rode, I tried not to come off as desperate for friends but I really want some friends in the area! Haha. Anyway, it was a fun time and I hope there are other rides like this soon [they have events all over the state but since I can't get to any that aren't in the immediate area, I have to say no to a lot]. I have to say, 20 miles with a group of people seems to go by so much faster than 20 miles by myself. It was over before I knew it, and I totally forgot to take any pictures because I was having so much fun!

There were two things that weren't so great. Around the 3 miles in, a bee FLEW INTO MY EYE and stung me! I was taken completely by surprise and kind of flailed around for a bit before flinging off the bee, and my sunglasses with it. I had to turn around and go get my sunglasses before anyone else rode over them, haha. The sting was a little painful, but quickly turned to numbness and I was wondering if that was typical [I know I'm not allergic to bees, but I haven't been stung since I was really young so I don't really remember how they go]. When we stopped at a rest stop, I was telling people what happened and couldn't stop laughing. Yes, most people are terrified of bees but I just find them amusing.

The other not-so-good thing that happened was I hit a fairly large bump which knocked my rear wheel out of alignment. It used to happen a lot in Chicago, since the roads were so bad [reason #1 I hate these quick release wheels!], but it hadn't been an issue since moving. Anyway, it's mostly an annoyance because I had to stop and reposition my wheel, and I couldn't get it just right while I was on the ride so it remained pretty wobbly [but at least no longer rubbing up against the frame]. Just something I'd rather not deal with.

Oh, and I forgot to unpause MapMyFitness on my phone after the turn-around/break so I actually only recorded half the route. Oops. But I had my heart rate monitor going, so at least I got accurate time/calorie count and could figure out the distance, if not the specifics like the speed on hills, etc [yes, I LOVE comparing this data from day to day].

All in all, it was a GREAT day and I hope more of these rides happen near me! And yay me for not letting my anxiety get in the way of experiencing it!