ignoring the scale and focusing on other things

I refuse to acknowledge the scale today. There's no logical reason it should be saying the number it did this morning and thus, I'm going to ignore it. Sounds good, right? It's better than getting frustrated with it. Anyway, let's focus on other things! Like the shorts I bought yesterday!

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These are the shorts I was really excited about-- mesh running shorts with moisture wicking compression shorts underneath. I like the compression shorts underneath because they prevent the chub rub chafing [with my other pair of shorts, I wear bike shorts underneath for the same reason]. And moisture wicking fabric is always good! As a bonus, they also match my running shoes perfectly.
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These don't have shorts underneath, but they were too comfortable [and cheap!] to pass up. They also match a sports bra that I bought yesterday [and which I'm wearing], not that I'll be running in just a sports bra and shorts any time soon for people to appreciate my matchiness.

Now time to freeze my water bottle and then head out for a bike ride!