I am overweight!

Official weigh in yesterday. I was down 3.5 pounds which is really good. I'm not expecting to lose anything this week since that seems to be my pattern, but maybe that'll change now that I seem to have figured out the calorie situation [weeks I eat more, I actually lose. Weeks I don't, I stay the same or gain a tiny bit]. Still, 3.5 for the last two weeks is great. The only thing is... I was SO close to going from "obese" to "overweight". Just another half pound to go.

Did my body test on the Wii this morning, however...
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IT HAPPENED! I'm now overweight! Next step... healthy BMI! Okay, there are about 30 pounds between me and that but I'll get there soon enough!

Now I'm just waiting for my clothes to finish drying so I can go kick some ass at the gym. Week 3 of 5k training, BRING IT ON!