activity log, week starting 7/22/12

biking: 101 minutes, 1129 calories, 21.92 miles

yoga: 25 minutes, 114 calories

biking: 14 minutes, 142 calories, 2.55 miles
elliptical: 35 minutes, 470 calories
treadmill: 35 minutes, 379 calories
biking: 16 minutes, 163 calories, 2.6 miles

biking, 66 minutes, 685 calories, 13.6 miles
yoga: 25 minutes, 123 calories

biking: 14 minutes, 142 calories, 2.55 miles
treadmill: 35 minutes, 367 calories
elliptical: 18 minutes, 231 calories
treadmill: 11 minutes, 103 calories
biking: 16 minutes, 174 calories, 2.6 miles

biking: 105 minutes, 1103 calories, 22.34 miles

biking: 14 minutes, 153 calories, 2.6 miles
treadmill: 40 minutes, 432 calories, 2.81 miles
biking: 14 minutes, 155 calories, 2.55 miles

Posting early in the day because I'm going to be up in New Hampshire until late. It's my sister's last roller derby match, she's decided to stop playing to focus on her new career. I'm a little sad [I've only gotten to see her once so far, last summer] but excited for her new path!

I'm really happy about this week's workouts. Extremely happy. I finished week 2 of the 5k training plan today. When I started the week's plan on Tuesday, I thought I wouldn't be able to do it. My lungs didn't like the fact that I doubled the amount of time running, and I had to adjust the plan a little. I ended up doing 1.5 minute intervals instead of 2 minutes, but added in an extra interval to make up for the time lost. But when I went to the gym on Thursday [and saved the elliptical for after running], I did the 2 minute intervals with... well, I won't say no trouble but less trouble than Tuesday. I was able to do them, at any rate. And today, although my brain was telling me I couldn't do it [my legs were tired, morning workouts suck!], I put aside those thoughts and pushed through every interval and felt great.
What I kept telling myself!
I also got two yoga sessions in this week and although I kind of dropped the ball regarding strength training [oops], I'm going to try to make up for that this coming week. Week 3 of 5K training seems like it will be [relatively] easy-- still doing intervals of 2 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, just doing 6 intervals instead of 5. I can totally do that! So this coming week should have less doubt for me, and leave plenty of strength for doing weights.

Weigh in tomorrow and then onto next week!