activity log, week starting 7/1/12

88 pushups
yoga, 24 minutes, 167 calories
kettlebell, 6 minutes, 80 calories

bike path, 62 minutes, 819 calories, 12.49 miles

biking to gym, 15 minutes, 183 calories, 2.57 miles
elliptical, 35 minutes, 514 calories
treadmill, 15 minutes, 163 calories
biking from gym, 15 minutes, 188 calories, 2.58 miles

bike path, 1hr 39 minutes, 1233 calories, 20.4 miles
58 pushups [I had to reset my app so the numbers are lower than I was working at]

biking to gym: 13 minutes, 152 calories, 2.57 miles
elliptical: 35 minutes, 489 calories
treadmill: 15 minutes, 163 calories
biking from gym: 15 minutes, 190 calories, 2.85 miles
triceps extensions: 4 sets/12 reps each, 5lbs
biceps curls: 4 sets/10 reps, 5lbs
triceps dips: 4 sets/20 reps
dumbbell hammer curls: 4 sets/12 reps, 5lbs

bike path: 65 minutes, 726 calories, 13.25 miles

biking to gym: 15 minutes, 163 calories, 2.57 miles
elliptical: 35 minutes, 464 calories
treadmill: 15 minutes, 148 calories
[no bike ride home because my mom picked me up!]

It's interesting to see that my calorie burn numbers are already going down, just from day to day, even though I'm constantly upping the intensity/incline/speed/distance. My body gets used to exercise really quickly, which is why I have to switch it up so often. And something that doesn't really show up in the numbers: on Thursday, I ran. I ran for a whole three minutes! I know that doesn't sound like much, but I had no ankle pain afterwards! I've been waiting for that day to come for so long. I'm still wary of pushing my ankle too hard, so I'm definitely easing into running [see: only running three minutes], but it's a start, and I'm very excited about it!

Today I had to get up really early and be out of the house by 9 in order to make it to the gym before my mom came over. I'm usually awake early, but I take my time getting out of bed and definitely when it comes to getting out of the house! But I did it, despite not being a morning exerciser at all. And then I had a full day of shopping with my mom, but it was worth it. I got two new pairs of gym shorts [one has built-in compression shorts! I am so excited to wear these!], three new sports bras, and six new pairs of gym socks. You know what this all means? I no longer have to do laundry every single time I go to the gym. Seriously, up until today I only had one pair of gym shorts and one sports bra that was supportive enough for the gym [all my others are old and worn out, okay for biking but not for things that require bouncing!] so I had to do laundry every time I came home from the gym. Now, with more shorts and bras, I don't have to do laundry all week [if I stick to going 3 times a week like this past week]!

I will take pictures of the new gear once I'm not stupidly bloated [of course this happens the day before weighing in!]. Speaking of weigh in, I'm not expecting anything tomorrow. My body has not adjusted well to sparkpeople's demands that I eat more food [even though I'm trying to ease into it] and I've just been feeling bloated and disgusting the last few days, which has definitely been reflected on the scale no matter how many calories I burn and how much water I drink. So, yeah. It sucks, because my number was looking GREAT until I started adding in more food, but... since then, it's steadily been climbing every single day. Uuuugh. I know sparkpeople means well, but it's really annoying at the moment! Hopefully it'll even out by next week. I was just hoping to hit 30 pounds gone this week. Oh well.