activity log, week starting 7/15/12

bike ride: 110 minutes, 1280 calories, 22 miles

triceps pushups, 3 sets of 12 reps
triceps kickbacks: 3 sets of 12 reps, 5lb dumbbells
biceps curls, 3 sets of 12 reps, 9lb dumbbells

biking: 65 minutes, 760 calories, 14 miles
walking: 19 minutes, 150 calories, 1 mile

biking: 14 minutes, 158 calories, 2.55 miles
elliptical: 35 minutes, 478 calories, level 9, 4.11 miles
treadmill: 30 minutes, 327 calories, 4min at 7.0mph, rest 3.3-3.7mph
walking: 30 minutes, 250 calories, 2.56 miles
yoga: 11 minutes, 50 calories

biking: 104 minutes, 1215 calories, 21.66 miles

tae bo, 42 minutes, 433 calories
kettlebell: 6 minutes, 81 calories, 15lbs

biking: 13 minutes, 150 calories, 2.55 miles
elliptical: 18 minutes, 241 calories, level 10, 2 miles
treadmill: 30 minutes, 325 calories, 5min at 7.0mph, rest 3.3-3.7mph
biking: 14 minutes, 148 calories, 2.6 miles

This week, I completed week one of the 5K Your Way training program! I also got a lot of miles in on my bike. I didn't do nearly as much yoga as I'd hoped, and I also fell behind on my 21 day meditation challenge. But I did bust out my tae bo DVD, which I hadn't done in a while [and my body definitely felt it!], so that slightly made up for the lack of yoga and meditation. All in all, a pretty good week. Too bad the scale didn't show it [but my pattern is to lose big one week and then nothing the next, so I was expecting it]. Here's to next week and hopefully getting out of the 190s!