taking credit where it's due

I've been stuck at the 25 pound mark for a couple weeks, and I've been frustrated about it. It's because my ankle's been acting up again and I haven't been able to exercise as much as I usually do. I spent about a week on bedrest, unable to do anything [I suppose I could've done upper body strengthening exercises but most days, I was in too much pain to even consider it], and I still haven't been able to return to the gym. I'm a little disappointed that I've only lost 25 pounds since the end of February, even though I know that's a great amount, because I had my goals set slightly higher [I'm about 8 pounds off of my goal at the moment]. But I need to step back and take stock of the last 5 months.

Since February, I have:
  • gotten a great start on my weight loss [seriously, 25 pounds is nothing to sneer at] 
  • completely redefined how I eat 
  • went from barely doing 5 minutes of moderate cardio to doing over an hour without stopping 
  • went from struggling to complete 5 modified pushups to, at yesterday's count, doing 76 regular pushups 
  • educated myself on numerous health issues, risks, and preventions 
  • sucked it up and went for a physical at the doctor, with great results [far better than I would've gotten had I gone in February, I'm sure] 
  • managed to eat healthy on a limited food stamps budget, despite initially thinking it was impossible 
  • tied into that, went from eating cheap, processed foods to cooking most of my food from scratch, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables 
  • modified a lot of my recipes into healthier ones 
  • regularly hit my protein goal 6 out of 7 days a week, which is becoming less of a struggle 
  • have been told by numerous people that I'm an inspiration to them 
And I did all this despite a badly sprained ankle that refuses to heal! I still can't run or jump, which upsets me a little [and holds me back a bit]... but there are plenty of other things to focus on in the meantime. I really have accomplished a lot, and the number on the scale doesn't reflect most of that.