it arrived!

I love FedEx. Their packages almost always arrive ahead of schedule. They said my heart rate monitor wouldn't be delivered until Monday but lo and behold, the box was sitting on my porch when I went to check the mail this morning. Okay, yes, this is my 10% reward and I was 0.2 pounds away from it as of my last official weigh-in on Sunday, but this morning's peek at the scale assured me that I'm going to nail tomorrow's weigh-in, so I opened up my reward with no guilt.

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Exciting! I immediately opened it up and took a picture before even going through the setup. One of my main concerns with the watch was that it looked pretty big and bulky. I have very small wrists and was worried that it would look huge, or not fit right, on me. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. It fits, looks nice, and is extremely comfortable.


I quickly breezed through the setup, and I was all set to go off to the gym to test it out! Okay, that took another two hours before I was actually out of the house, but... whatever. [I've been dealing with some really bad social anxiety lately and it usually takes 2-3 hours of mentally telling myself to leave the house before I actually do so. I'm hoping that going to the gym on a regular basis and potentially interacting with other humans will help with this.] I'd put together my gym bag on Thursday so I knew I'd have everything I needed [or so I thought; of course I actually forgot things], even though I hadn't been back since Wednesday due to tight/sore calf muscles. I figured they needed a rest/time to adjust to the elliptical. Last night, I biked 10 miles and that seemed to really help them, so today I woke up determined to go to the gym [even before my HRM was delivered].

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gym bag all packed and ready to go!
It's about a 3 mile bike ride to the gym, and it includes quite a few hills. I struggle with hills still, since 4 years of riding the flat lands of Chicago didn't prepare me for them, so I had a suspicion that I was burning a few more calories than SparkPeople or MapMyFitness estimated. And was I right: according to my HRM, the bike ride to/from the gym burned about twice as many calories as SparkPeople estimated! Wow! At the gym, I was pretty tired [I had a bad night's sleep] and didn't push myself as hard as I usually do, but my grand total for the day [including bike rides] was 886 calories. Have I mentioned that I love the gym? Well, let's add my heart rate monitor to that list of love.

Weigh in tomorrow morning and I'm feeling good about it. I'm also feeling good about this shirt, which I haven't even been able to get on in forever and now I can [but it still fits too snugly around my stomach for my comfort at the moment]:

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The things I pull out of my closet when I'm looking for workout clothes. I can't wait to wear this for real, it was a thrift store find a few years ago and I'm pretty sure that I've never worn it.

Well, I shall see you tomorrow for my weigh-in!