activity log, week starting 6/24/12

Here's something new! Since I have my new heart rate monitor [and I'm falling woefully behind on activity minutes because of my injury], I decided to post my fitness stats here. So here goes. What I did in a week I [mostly] couldn't get to the gym.

walking, 20 minutes, 157 calories

seated rows with band, 4 sets of 15 reps, 15 minutes
bridges, 2 sets of 15 reps, 5 minutes
lateral raises with band, 2 sets of 15 reps, 5 minutes
pendulum, 2 sets of 10 reps, 5 minutes
pushups, 66 reps, 10 minutes

yoga, 15 minutes, 70 calories
walk, 30 minutes, 215 calories
jazzercise, 15 minutes, 148 calories
kettlebell, 6 minutes, 78 calories
pushups, 74 reps, 10 minutes

bike ride, 53 minutes, 704 calories
kettlebell, 6 minutes, 75 calories
stretching, 10 minutes

nothing, oops!

Friday: [aka my triumphant return to the gym!]
bike ride, 15 minutes, 204 calories
elliptical, 35 minutes, 496 calories
treadmill, 15 minutes, 166 calories
bike ride, 17 minutes, 231 calories

bike ride, 51 minutes, 697 calories

I finally got back to the gym on Friday and felt great for it. I also just barely squeaked through my goal of 1,000 fitness minutes this month [1,011]. Usually I have no trouble meeting that goal, but a week off from exercise really took a chunk out!

Today, it took me until 6pm to get out of the house and go for a bike ride. It was really hot out and I kept waiting for it to cool down... but it just kept getting hotter! Finally, after much whining on twitter, I sucked it up and left the house. And all that anxiety was for nothing: the bike path was beautiful at this time of day. Almost nobody was on it, it was almost completely shaded, and some parts were even cool [a welcome change from the 90+ degrees in the sun].
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Nice and shaded! And empty!
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Once I hit this mile marker, I know I'll have a 10-mile round trip.
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Excuse me, this is not a great place for your adorable goslings to have a nap.
Surprisingly, I went a tiny bit further today than Wednesday's ride [Wednesday, the bike path was closed just before the 11.5 mile marker] and yet, still beat the time. And the hills on the way back didn't kill me as much as usual. I'm always tempted to find a way around them, but I don't because I know that avoiding hills won't make me better at them. And I need to get better, they're everywhere around here!

House [blog] keeping junk: I installed a new commenting system, courtesy of IntenseDebate, because I realized [belatedly] that replying to other people's comments wasn't an option with the default commenting system [?]. Anyway, I've been using IntenseDebate on other sites for over a year now and love them. You don't need to register with them to leave a comment [although that's always fun because then your information is stored and you get reputation points and stuff], and you can also "log in" with your wordpress or twitter IDs.

Weigh-in tomorrow, and I'm feeling great about it!