Mother's Day weigh-in

Weigh in yesterday... I'm down 1.6 pounds. Not bad, not bad. The only frustrating thing is that I am 0.2 away from hitting 20 pounds gone. Just a teeny fraction of a pound! Why couldn't the scale just give me that? I want to add another star to my bracelet! And I know it's water retention because my muscles were KILLING me yesterday morning. Oh well, next week I'll get it.

After weighing in, I went shopping/out to eat with my mom and sister. I hadn't seen my sister since my birthday in January, I think there's quite a difference in my looks since then! Do you?


me, my mother, and my sister

I hate this picture because my head looks so disproportionate to my body. I actually have a really tiny head, but nothing like a too-large body to accentuate it!


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This is the first time I wore this top [I got it for Christmas but it didn't fit/look good on me until now], and the skirt hasn't fit in over a year. Also, you totally can't tell but I'm also wearing a bra that hasn't fit in forever. SO EXCITED.

But enough about me. Yesterday was Mother's Day, as I'm sure everyone in the US has been aware for the past three weeks. We don't usually do anything for this holiday but yesterday we did, which is why I didn't get this up until now [I actually started writing it yesterday morning and just now had to go back and change all the tenses!]. I just wanted to write a little about my mom. She's so amazing, such a strong person, and I'm so happy to have her in my life. Growing up, she was always the "cool mom", the one who always had fun things planned and our friends LOVED coming over. She was a troop leader for Girl Scouts and threw amazing birthday parties and never complained about running the three of us around to our various meetings, practices, and sleepovers. When my father died, she managed the three of us by herself [which was no easy feat considering she then had to get a job and we were now Troubled Teenagers]. A couple years after that, she joined Weight Watchers and lost a lot of weight, hit her goal and made lifetime, and I'd never seen her so happy. In high school, my friends often had to escape their own difficult homes in the middle of the night and she never, ever complained when she woke up to find one of them sleeping on the couch [my senior year, this was a weekly occurrence at least]. When my sister was hit by a drunk driver and nearly killed, my mom was at the hospital every day and I never saw her falter. When I was having trouble managing my depression and dropped out of college, she never said a word of failure. She just gave me time and support to get myself back together, which I'm eternally grateful for [when I returned to college, I got straight A's until graduation]. Even last summer, when I couldn't afford to live in Chicago anymore and had nowhere to go, she never said anything bad to me. She just pulled together the funds to get me back home, and she got me this amazing house for me and the cats. I would've been homeless and starving in Chicago if it weren't for her. Even back here, I would've starved without her generosity until I got on food stamps [and my cats would've starved as well, and Avocado would've died over a year ago without her putting up the money for an emergency surgery to save his life]. I hate how much I've been relying on her recently, but I love that she's always been there to be relied upon. 

As I mentioned, she's a lifetime member of Weight Watchers and that's how I first came to know the program. When I joined in late 2004, it wasn't because of her pressure [she actually never said a negative word about my weight, before then or even when I put it back on] but because of her positive example. Due to her success, after watching her try other diets with no results throughout my childhood, I knew that I could do it as well so I joined up. She's now been working for them since last fall, a job she loves, and I think she'd make a great Leader if she wanted to. Despite her success, she never reprimanded me for gaining weight and not going to meetings anymore. When I decided to clean up my act and get healthy again this winter, she was the very first person I reached out to. Before I reset my sparkpeople page, before I told my old WW buddies, before anything else, I emailed her and asked her to help me eat healthy on a budget. She took me shopping, comparing prices and showing me healthy snack ideas for cheap. I was at such a loss those first few weeks, it had been so long since I had eaten healthy and I had never done it on a food stamps budget, but she was right there helping me out. 

I love my mom. She is the definition of a Super Mom, and I honestly don't know how she's done it so well for the past 30 years.