close to second major goals

I spent yesterday being grumpy. I had a really bad night's sleep, my back was hurting and I had a stomach ache and the dog was hogging the bed. I eventually ended up going to sleep in the spare room, which has a super firm bed. The bed's usually too firm and hurts my back, but it was just what I needed at 5am yesterday. And then, of course, I was woken up a few hours later by the dog barking, wondering where I was. Anyway, the grumpiness stayed, except for one little thing.

I weighed in yesterday morning, and I was down 2 more pounds to 202.8. !!! I AM SO CLOSE TO ONEDERLAND AND MY 10% GOAL AND MY ORIGINAL WW STARTING WEIGHT.

I was nervous about this week's weigh in, because I'm still not exercising much due to my ankle, although I have stepped up my strength training to make up for the lack of cardio. Still, the scale was staying completely steady all week. Not even gaining or losing tiny fractions of a pound. And then suddenly, the weekend came and it just dropped. Yay!

I doubt I'll lose 3 pounds in the next week, and I need to lose 4 to hit my 10% /WWSW [weight watchers starting weight], but it's still only a couple weeks away so that's really exciting. I am ready. Let's do this.

Oh, and I also took measurements for the beginning of May and although the numbers continue to be less-than-impressive, I realized that all my inches lost are coming from my belly, which I don't normally measure. So I measured that and it turns out that I've lost 3 inches just in my stomach. Which is exciting and explains why smaller shirts fit better now. I will not complain about losing inches here, at all. Although I'd like to lose some in my boobs so my bras fit again. But besides that, I'm really happy for losing inches here because for most people, it's the last place to drop weight.

My ban on exercise comes off on Thursday, we'll see how it goes. My ankle feels fine for the most part, actually feels really damn awesome to be honest, but I still think I'm going to have to build up to intense exercises. I plan on spending the week going on long walks, if the weather holds, to help build up its strength. I did this a few days last week but for the most part, the weather wasn't cooperating.

Here's to another stellar week for all of us!