weigh-in and recipe round-up

Sorry for the delay in my weekly progress update. I spent Sunday visiting with my aunt, and then I was too emotionally drained to put together a post. Yesterday, I got sucked into a book and couldn't stop reading it until I finished, a little after 1am. But here I am now! I had a successful week and lost 2.2 pounds, making my total 15.2 so far! Not bad for eight weeks, huh? That averages out to just under 2 pounds a week, and I'm more than happy with that.

Unfortunately, I stumbled off the wagon Sunday evening and yesterday [lots and lots of pizza] so I'm sure the scale will reflect that come next week, but I'm back on it now! I've been tracking all my food and even did an extra morning workout to make up for yesterday's inactivity. Maybe I can undo the damage before the next weigh in, although it'll be difficult. Even if I don't, I will be working towards it!

Anyway, onto this week's… Recipe Round-up!

Boy, do I have delicious recipes for you! I caught the cooking bug this week and just could not step away from the kitchen. I used to love cooking, but I'd forgotten that in the last few years while I hadn't been able to afford most foods, including just plain vegetables. But now that I can, I'm determined to make the best of it and have been spending hours in the kitchen!

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First off, we have these delicious black bean burgers. They are, quite possibly, the best veggie burgers I've ever eaten. Now, I've never made veggie burgers myself before, so I had some problems with them falling apart in the pan at the beginning, but I got it right by the third or fourth batch [I made this recipe a lot in the last week]. If you're a seasoned veteran to making veggie burgers, this probably won't be a problem for you. And even if they do fall apart, well, they're still delicious! I only made one tiny alteration in the recipe, in that I used a bit of fresh tomato [chopped in the food processor] in place of tomato sauce. I alternated how I ate them, sometimes just on a plate with some hot sauce, sometimes on a bun [or half a bun] with all the trimmings. Any which way, they never disappointed. I ended up making 7 out of the batch, not 6 like the original post says, which was even better. Nutritional information per serving, for 7 burgers: 169 calories, 1.2g fat, 31g carbs, 9.5g fiber, 10g protein.

Highly recommended! In fact, I sent the recipe to my mom immediately after making them [although she'll skip the hot sauce and jalapeno pepper because she doesn't like spicy!].


For Easter [I totally forgot that that was only last weekend!], I made some baked stuffed pears from my favourite cookbook, The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. I'd only made this recipe once before, five years ago, and was taking a gamble in thinking it would be as good as I remembered. Thankfully, it was! It got passed over by most of my family for the less healthy options of cake and cookies, but those who did try it liked it. Plus, I can't be too upset about there being leftovers because, after all, they got sent back home with me. Their loss is my gain [but my loss on the scale!]. Nutritional information for a pear half, per the cookbook: 167 calories, 3.5g fat, 32g carbs, 3g fiber. [No link because it's from a cookbook, but I'm sure you could find one with a little help from google.]

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As promised, I again made the black bean brownies now that I have a new blender. I definitely have to say: the new blender makes all the difference! The batter actually looked like, well, batter, and there were no obvious chunks of black beans giving it a weird texture. I wasn't too impressed with them directly out of the oven, but they were great after sitting in the fridge for a day! I still don't think they could pass exactly for traditional brownies, they have a distinct spice to them, but they're a wonderful substitute.

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I also made this very simple recipe for roasted cabbage and as such, cabbage made a frequent side to my meals during the week. Hey, I'm Polish, we love our cabbage! I put a little extra lemon juice on it, which helped it taste like sauerkraut, which I love. A great, very low calorie side dish.

Mid-week, I had a desire for Thai food but since there are no Thai restaurants around here [seriously, I never had Thai food until I moved to Chicago! What gives, Rhode Island?], I had to scrounge around for a recipe to make myself. I've never made Thai food before [I lived around the corner from a restaurant that had the best pad Thai I've ever tasted, why would I bother cooking my own?], but I came across this peanut tofu salad recipe on pinterest and just had to give it a shot. I couldn't find snow peas in my area, and I omitted the carrots like usual, but otherwise it was delicious. I was worried that the peanut sauce would up the calories considerably, but it wasn't too bad [note: I, of course, didn't add fish sauce to my peanut sauce. I just skipped it instead of substituting something else]. Oh, and I used spinach instead of romaine lettuce because it's my personal preference, and had a bunch of spinach to use up. Nutritional information [4 servings]: 249 calories, 10.7g fat, 25.5g carbs, 6.4g fiber, 17g protein. Apparently, I forgot to take a picture of this. I just ate the last serving today, too bad I hadn't noticed earlier!

While watching Lord of the Rings, I decided to be extra hobbit-y and cook up some roasted mushrooms to serve as a movie snack. I used oyster, crimini, and shitake mushrooms, and they were delicious. I guess I didn't take a picture though, as I was too involved in the movie! Nutritional information: 76 calories, 7g fat, 2.6g carbs, 1g fiber, 2g protein.

Phew, I think that's it. Oh, and I also made another batch of the seared bean sprouts from the previous week, and spruced it up a bit with a cut-up orange. This is definitely a favourite recipe.

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