week 7 weigh-in

I'm only down 0.8 pounds this week, bringing me to a round 13. I'm not surprised or even disappointed by this. Sure, it would've been great if my body pulled some kind of miracle and managed to lose more weight even if I didn't put in the work. But I know that that rarely happens, and I don't feel good about it anyway when it does because I didn't earn it.

After Friday morning's entry and yoga session, my back still didn't feel better. This wasn't surprising. Yoga can help my back if it's early on but once it starts feeling really bad, it can't cure the symptoms entirely. And obviously, six weeks without yoga was too far gone. So, aware that my back was only feeling worse as I tried to do more throughout the day, I put myself on bedrest. Well, I made some brownies and then put myself on bedrest. [Oops. Bad decision.] I took my frustrations out on half the pan of brownies. Yep, another bad decision. I could've had one and been fine, but four was too much. Even though I did some experimenting and these turned out with about 200 less calories than my regular version... they still had a good amount. And sugar and fat. [On the other hand, they were far more perfectly fudgy than my regular recipe so I'll be making this version from now on anyway. Just... when I have people to share them with.]

So, I spent my afternoon/evening reading and watching movies on my computer. And eating brownies. Rest was the best thing for my back at this point, I was well aware, so I grudgingly gave up one day of exercise [excepting the yoga I'd done in the morning].

When I woke up the next morning, my foot was tangled in blankets and, being half asleep, instead of taking the time to carefully extract it, I just yanked it out like I normally do. Except this was my sprained ankle, and I can't treat it how I normally do. So, yeah, I hurt it. Not really badly, but still to the point where I needed to stay off it for the day. My back was feeling better, though! Can't I just do-- no? Fine. Back to bed. I resumed the previous day's activities, including finishing off the rest of the brownies. Oooops. At some time around 9pm, my ankle decided to feel completely better. No idea why so suddenly, but it was also too late to get an exercise in [yes, 9pm is too late... 10pm is my bedtime!]. So I finished up my movie [Independence Day] and just went to sleep.

This morning's scale was no surprise, as you can see. Two days of no exercise and subsisting mainly on brownies. Not exactly the most nutritious food, even if I did stay in my calorie range. Two days of bed rest have also put my body into bad [temporary] shape: my back is having spasms again. And, for reasons I can't explain, my other leg feels like I ran a marathon in my sleep. [I didn't. But I did have a dream about bathing suits!] My back is starting to feel better the more I move around, but I don't know if I'll even be able to get a good exercise in today. We'll see.

I'm off to make this week a better week!