Tree climbing!

Yesterday, my schedule was thrown off a little [well okay, a lot] but that's what the weekend is for, right? It was all for the best, however, as I went to my mom's house and got a ton of gardening supplies [including half a bag of fertilizer! Score!]. Before we left, I also took time to wander around and visit my favourite childhood haunts. The land is largely overgrown, something that might be a summer project for me [my mom's trying to get the house into selling condition, and having acres covered by wild plants and vines doesn't help], since nobody's really taken care of the far back since my father died.

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Those are kiwi vines... and there's a hammock somewhere underneath them. That *used* to be our sledding hill.
Worse, my father decided to plant some bamboo when I was about 8 years old, and it's just grown free and untended since his death when I was fifteen.

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Know any New England businesses that are looking for new bamboo sources?
But, at the far back of the property still stand my two favourite trees for climbing.

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I once got my foot stuck in the one on the left... for a half hour.
I couldn't just let my visit go without getting up in one of these. So, thanks to my new arm muscles, I pulled myself up and got myself covered in sap [no, really].

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What a surprise, more bamboo.
I didn't climb too high because I'm still cautious of my ankle, but it was nice to see that I still remembered exactly where to put my feet and pull myself up with my arms. And, of course, it was great to see that my body was up to the challenge! I hope that next time I visit [well, not this Sunday for Easter dinner, but next casual visit], I'll climb even higher. Hmm, how would one count tree climbing in their activity log?

Then, I got to dig through my mom's old workout clothes and pick out some running pants and on the way home, we [my mom and I] stopped at a sports store so I could get some new clothes. I wasn't terribly impressed with the selection, but I managed to get a new sports bra, one pair of running pants, and a new pair of cross training shoes. We also went next door to the department store and I got a new blender and food processor, it is WONDERFUL and I can't wait to try out those black bean brownies again with a properly operating blender. I'm thinking I'll make them for an Easter dessert, but I'm going to try them out first just in case.

Anyway, once I got home, it was late and I was behind on everything for the day [water, food, exercise, you name it]. I made a quick smoothie to tide me over until dinner was ready [and to test out the new blender, obviously!], made dinner, waited for it to digest, and then did day one of 30 day shred. With the new sports bra. Oh wow, I'd forgotten what it's like to have a brand new, not-worn-out sports bra. So supportive, no jiggle! The exercise itself also went well, I could definitely feel it in my abs when I woke up this morning. Now, the sun's finally come out and it's getting warmer outside so I'm going to put on my walking shoes and go run errands around the neighborhood. It's supposed to stay pretty chilly today, though, so I might stick with indoor exercises the rest of the day. [Where's that nice weather we had two weeks ago, New England?] The rest of the week is supposed to be MUCH nicer so I'm planning my runs and rides for those days. If I feel like going for a run later today, however, I won't say no...