March totals, April goals

March totals:
7730 calories burned working out
1503 cardio minutes
27 days in which I exercised
9 pounds lost

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Look at all those days I worked out! A sprained ankle can't hold me back!

Sadly, pretty much no inches lost anywhere… which might be due to my faulty measuring at the beginning of the month. I did lose an inch in my biceps [which makes sense with all the pushups I've been doing!] and half an inch in my neck. But, LOOK AT THAT POUNDS LOST NUMBER. I'm so close to the double digits, and my 5%, that I can feel it. I'm especially happy because up until this morning, the scale wasn't budging a fraction of a pound. [Yes, I am a daily weigher. No, I don't fret about it. I just like to know where I stand throughout the week.] And then suddenly, 1.4 pounds gone. Yay! I was aiming for 8 pounds lost this month, hoping for 10... I fell right in the middle and I am more than happy with that.

And now, we greet April. I have some new things I'm going to be putting into motion this month. Some of this is because my ankle is finally better. Some of this is just… because. So, fitness goals for the month:

  • I will start counting points [or PointsPlus or whatever] again. I haven't been, I've just been keeping track of my calories/fat/etc. content on sparkpeople, but I'm not sure I'm doing it to the best results. I generally stay at the lower end of my calorie range [although I do have a high day here and there] and I'm worried that maybe it's just not enough? I honestly have no idea what amount of calories is most beneficial to me, because I've never counted calories before… but I know what points target works for me. [I unintentionally starved my body before, while I was doing Weight Watchers, because I was working a very active job and not taking that into account in my daily food target. And then couldn't figure out why I didn't lose any weight for six months straight! So I'm conscious of that possibly happening again, and try to avoid it.] Also, I eat a LOT of vegetables and wouldn't it be great to not have to count them? Anyway, I'll give points a month to try it out and then, if that's not the best, I'll try Core [or Simply Filling or whatever it's called these days, I haven't been to a meeting in four years so I have no idea]. Core is ultimately my best technique, especially considering all the vegetables I eat, but I don't know if I'm ready for it just yet.
  • I will do 30 Day Shred for the month. This is my favourite workout DVD to kickstart me into those upper levels of intense cardio. I couldn't have done it a month ago [even excluding the ankle], but I did a trial run on Thursday and I made it through. Although it wasn't exactly easy, it wasn't impossible either. And I wasn't so sore the next day that I couldn't walk, which is an improvement from January's attempt to do it!
  • I will start running. I've been running a tiny bit, sprints for a minute or so around my house, but for some reason I'm incapable of extending my legs and running with good form in the house. I don't know why, I just notice that I'm doing it all wrong but can't help it. So, now that it's finally supposed to start getting warm again, I'll be taking my feet outside to the bike path. I'm setting myself a low bar of twice a week to start. I'll probably expand this to three times a week in the middle of the month, if all goes well. [Hmm, this means that I'll have to go out and buy new workout clothes that are suitable for being seen outside in.]
  • I will also take out my bike at least two times a week, especially for "pleasure rides" [not biking to a destination, like the grocery store or something, but just as a means of getting out and exploring the area]. I love my bike, and can't believe that I went from riding it 30 miles a day, every day to not even glancing at it since September. Okay, some of that's because Rhode Island is not a bike friendly area and the roads are especially unsafe during the winter, which is a huge change from Chicago, but I abandoned it even before winter hit [not that winter ever really hit, in my opinion, considering how mild it was this year]. I love my bike and want to get back up to the mileage I was averaging in Chicago, even if that means riding the bike trail from end to end multiple times a day [the bike path's supposed to eventually run 40 miles but right now, only 11 of it is finished].
  • Yoga, yoga, yoga. I'll write a full entry about yoga soon but let's just say, I don't do it nearly as often as I should. And I have no excuse other than laziness, because I actually love it! So, I'm aiming to do yoga three times a week. Before I hurt my ankle, I'd finally reached [again] my goal of getting my heels to touch the floor during downward facing dog. But now, I don't want to stress my ankle too much so I'm not pushing towards that, and my heels are staying a good inch or so off the ground. I want to get back to where I was by the end of the month.
  • Also, I will be upping my kettlebell weight as soon as I can get my hands on a new one. I hope to be up to 15 pounds by the end of the month.
  • This isn't really fitness related but I'm going to put it here anyway. I can finally start my garden! I'm actually going over to my mom's this afternoon to gather gardening supplies [nobody's touched them since my dad died], so hopefully tomorrow will find me out in my yard, toiling away. SO EXCITED! Fresh vegetables [and fruit, if I'm lucky] from my own yard, all summer long? Yes please! Hmm, I should find that list I made of what seeds to buy… Anyway, I'm not expecting a huge yield this summer since I'm very much out of practice with gardening [we had a garden in our backyard in Chicago, but my housemates mostly took care of it] but… at least it'll be an attempt. And practice for next year. I know things in theory, we'll just see if I can put them into use.
So, April looks like it'll be an exciting and productive month if I stick to all of this. March was sort of my trial run, figuring things out and experimenting, and now I'm ready to kick it up a notch.