weigh in #3

I… lost 4.3 pounds this week.

I am flabbergasted. I don't think i've ever lost that much weight in a single week, and especially not without doing lots of cardio. Strength training is awesome! Anyway, this makes up for the two lackluster weeks I had beforehand and brings my weight loss total to 6.5 pounds, an average of about 2 pounds a week [which is a great average! My super-hard-to-reach goal relies on losing 2 pounds a week!]. I know this week's number was big because my body was catching up to the previous weeks' efforts, just like I said it would, and I don't expect a huge loss like this every week [nor would it be healthy], but it's exciting all the same! This puts me back on track for my vaguely-defined-because-sparkp
eople-made-me-set-one goal of being at my target weight by my birthday.

Also: just 2 more pounds to go until i'm at 10% of pounds i need to lose, and I've recently never made it past the 10 pounds lost mark so that's something I'm aiming for. Usually I make it to 5 pounds lost, if that, before something derails me. I've passed that and am just going to focus on the next 5 pounds. If I break it down into bits like that, it's not so intimidating.

Besides that, today's my scheduled DOR which is good because I somehow managed to hurt my shoulder last night. It's just a little sore [and only when I move it one certain way], but it didn't go away with sleeping so a full day of rest will definitely help with that. Ankle-wise, I've got full range of motion again but I'm still going easy on it. I just keep telling myself that the more rest I give it now, the more time I'll be able to spend running on it later. That's just barely keeping me from going out for a run in this PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL SPRING WEATHER.

I hope everyone else's week is off to a great start!