week two and going strong!

Working on building healthy habits. Last week was "wake up at 9am every [weekday] morning". I failed one day [Tuesday, I think? So it was still kind of new], I woke up at 9, turned my alarm off, and went back to sleep for an hour and a half. I kind of failed on Friday and Yesterday, but only because my alarm didn't go off! I swear. It was working fine the first four days but then the sound clip that was my alarm just... disappeared off my phone? IT IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. This is upsetting. It was a clip from Zelda! Anyway, instead of just defaulting to another sound, my phone decided that it would be best to just not ring at all. Good thing I don't ACTUALLY have to get up for anything, like work or something, so sleeping in wasn't a big deal. And, it turns out, my body was already used to the new schedule so I woke up a half hour later or so.

Today I woke up at 8am, but that's besides the point.

One thing I'm doing to help me enforce this habit is that around 11pm or so, I make a cup of tea, head to bed, and read a book [currently making my way through Tamora Pierce's Tortall books... again... on my Kindle] until it's time to go to sleep. By then, the tea has calmed me down, the cats are settled in, and the sheets are nice and warm for me! I usually go to sleep somewhere around 1am, so I get at least 8 hours of sleep. Sometimes I go to sleep earlier. Yesterday I didn't go to sleep until 1:15 because I was finishing my book.

But anyway, those two things have been very successful so far. Now I'm adding another one to them: eat at least one meal a day at the dining table. I have this beautiful dining table, in an actual dining room, and I never use it except to sometimes pile crap on it [right now, there's a stack of cds]. And I know that sitting down at a table, instead of eating in front of the tv, makes me think more about what I'm eating and my body's hunger signals. So, I'm starting out with just one meal a day but hopefully I'll add a second next week, and then all three major meals will be eaten at the table eventually. This shouldn't be so much of a challenge but I'm still, even after eight months of living here, used to not having any place other than my bed to eat [yay tiny apartments!]. [I don't generally eat in my bedroom anymore, but now the recliner in front of the tv in the living room has become my default dining spot.]

Exercise-wise, I'm loving the EA personal trainer. I might actually shell out the money for this myself, when I have to return the library's copy. I'm doing the 3O day challenge and it's so relieving to actually have someone tell me what to do instead of having to make up my routines myself. I also tried the balance ball dvd last night, but I only got fifteen minutes in [and five of that was focusing on breathing!] before my hip, which had already been bothering me, decided that that was enough for the day. Yay old lady hips! I'm going to need a hip replacement soon, I swear. Anyway, so my exercise routine isn't yet up to the 2 hours of the olden days but I'm getting there. I mean, those two combined added up to 45 minutes. We'll see what I can do today!