week 2 done... and, surprise, more ankle problems.

I weighed in officially today and I'm down another 1.2 pounds from last week. I will NOT get upset at how slowly the scale is moving... with this ankle, I haven't been able to work out properly for more days than not, and I had to completely sacrifice yesterday's work out. And besides, the scale is going DOWN, who cares how slowly? I know, at this rate I won't be able to wear that dress to the wedding... but I'm not completely sold on that dress, anyway. [I mean, for the wedding. I already bought it. Years ago.]

Speaking of the ankle... I don't know why, I did nothing to it, but yesterday it decided that it would be a great idea to cause a lot of pain [only when I hold my foot 9O degrees to my leg... which is, you know, walking] and swell up. COMPLETELY unrelated to the previous ankle injuries, I was fully healed from them and they never felt like this. So, I'm hobbling around the house and trying to put as little weight on it as possible. My left leg is working its muscles and, it turns out, so are my arms. My stairs have railings on both sides [my grandmother was wheelchair bound and before she lost both her legs, she had difficulty walking so they installed a second railing on the stairs to help her get up them], so I'm using my arm muscles to lift myself up and down the stairs. Thankfully, after two weeks of training, they're actually strong enough... I don't think I'd be able to do this if it was two weeks ago!

Anyway, I'm getting quite the arm workout, it turns out, and my left leg is building muscle by carrying all my weight around as well. This ankle better heal fast, or my legs will be disproportionate! Heh. Well, I can't do any real full body cardio for the next few days at least [I can't even stand to do my kettlebell workout!] so I think I'm going to dust off my abs workout dvd and concentrate on that.