travel challenges

I mentioned this briefly at the beginning of the week, but I'm currently in New York. I'm "working", not vacationing [I'm petsitting for a friend], but the tasks aren't really time-consuming. I prepared myself for this, knowing that my routine would be thrown off and I wouldn't have the freedom of always making the best choices. [I had a small food budget for the week, and this part of Long Island isn't the most vegan-friendly area… as I'm well aware already, I spent two years of college here and have visited it numerous times since.]

I was prepared, a little-- I brought some food that will help keep me on track [oranges and grapes for the bus ride, dried kidney and garbanzo beans, oatmeal and quinoa] and bought healthy choices at the grocery store once I got here. I brought my kettlebell, but I couldn't fit my dumbbells in my backpack [my friend has dumbbells as well but they're a bit heavier than the ones I use, so we'll see how that goes]. I brought my favourite exercise DVDs and am planning on making use of her collection as well. And for all that I'm not doing much different than I usually do at home, for some reason I'm having a harder time.

I mean, let's be gracious and ignore Wednesday, which I spent almost the entirety of traveling. Even ignoring that, it's still a struggle. In the kitchen, for instance, I don't automatically know everything. I spent ten minutes looking for a big bowl to make a salad in earlier today. I can't find any measuring cups other than a quarter cup [I can work with that, but still]. At home, I automatically know the measurements of my drinking cups [my smallest holds 6 ounces or half a cup of grapes, medium cups hold 12 ounces and biggest cups hold 16 ounces] but I have no idea when it comes to these. There's no dining table, and there is cable, so I'm constantly tempted to just sit on the couch, watch tv, and stuff my face while I'm at it instead of being active. Aside from the vague task of taking care of the animals [mostly the dog], I don't have things to fill my day and am tempted to give into boredom eating [I had lunch at 11am today! Why? I'd been awake for all of two hours!]. I'm relying on ready-made, sodium-heavy foods for my protein sources [Taco Bell and Subway the last two days, plus veggie dogs]. On top of all that, I don't have my scale to monitor my weight [no weigh in until Wednesday! This is worrying me more than it probably should].

I'm definitely out of my comfort zone [I mean that entirely in regards to weight loss. I'm plenty comfortable here otherwise!]. But I have to remind myself that being in a comfort zone isn't always the best thing. Challenges are good. So I'm going to make the best of this and hopefully, if nothing else, I'll leave New York knowing that I did my best.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go move a 90 pound dog from my exercise area. [Update: cardio workout done. Woo!]