spring/summer planning

It's sunny and in the low 70s today. For early March in New England, weather like this is pretty much unheard of. Wut we had a mild winter [and I think mild is an understatement!] and signs are pointing to a hot summer. I guess we're starting early with the summer weather, as well. Seriously, weather like this is May-June weather, not March!

But it means that I'm getting antsy for full spring, days filled with sunshine, and fresh fruit. I want consistent weather like this so I can start planting my vegetable garden. Just a few more weeks... if it doesn't suddenly drop in temperature again! That happens a lot, come April. Silly New England weather.

Anyway, the cats and I spent some time outside in the yard, enjoying the sunshine. Ginny just wanted to lay down and sunbathe, while Avocado wanted to roam around... he even tried to climb a tree but his indoor-all-winter muscles weren't up to par. How I understand, Avocado! I also did a few loads of laundry and hung them out to dry. If the weather stays like this all week, I might finally be able to catch up on my laundry! [I don't have a dryer so in the winter, I can only wash what fits on my one drying rack... which isn't a lot, and it takes 2-3 days to dry.] Also, bonus: I have a manual washing machine, not electric, so I get plenty of arm exercise while doing laundry.

Summer plans are brewing in my head. I'll hopefully be buying new workout shoes this weekend [I hope I hope I hope!] and then I'll start running. I've yet to decide whether to do Couch to 5K or not, I tend to just go with "run until I can't run anymore and then push myself a little bit further" and that's worked well for me in the past... but we'll see. Summer also brings my vegetable garden, as I mentioned. This will be my first time planting a garden entirely on my own and truthfully, I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing so if anything actually grows, it'll be a miracle! But it'll be a fun experiment all the same. And I plan on cleaning out part of the basement to use as a workout area, I couldn't do it during the winter because the basement is unheated. But it's full of junk [I'm from a family of packrats who has owned this house since the 1940s, I swear nobody ever threw ANYTHING out], I plan on going through it, organizing, and clearing one part of it for working out. This will be perfect for when those really hot summer days hit. My body doesn't deal with heat very well and if I don't have somewhere cool to work out, I just won't do it for fear of passing out. So, I'm already planning well in advance of those days to guarantee not giving up on my exercise.

As far as today goes, the ankle is doing much better, I'd say it's at about 80% [whereas yesterday it was 40% and Saturday, 20%]. I can walk on it, although I'm very careful about doing so. I've already resigned myself to giving it the entire week to heal completely, so I'll be able to pick out proper sneakers with a fully functional ankle. [Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion that working out in my current sneakers had more than a little to do with these prevalent injuries.] Instead, I'm going to spend the week working on my abs and arm strength. I barely made it through 5 minutes of my ab dvd yesterday so it's crystal clear that I need to spend some time on that. Push ups are getting easier, although not yet easy. Once they get too easy, I'll stop doing them on my knees. That'll challenge me again! But, I'm not even near there yet. It'll take time... good thing I've got plenty of that!

Oh, also! I found a random unattached/unneeded railing in a closet today [I'd previously thought it was just a bar for the closet but it doesn't fit at all, it's one of the stair railings but just an extra one]. This is exciting because I CAN INSTALL IT TO DO BALLET BARRE WORKOUTS. Once I clear out a space in the basement for it, of course. I spent today doing laundry but as soon as I'm NOT busy doing laundry on a nice, warm day, i'm going to get started on the basement. Really, really excited for the basement exercise space, I hope it works out nicely!

Anyway, all ankle problems aside, I think this time, something has finally clicked. I mean, just look: despite persistent injuries that keep preventing me from doing cardio, I haven't given up. I keep trying. Every other time I've tried to lose weight recently, I've given up a couple days into an injury. NOT THIS TIME! I'm finding ways to just work around it instead. And I haven't given up on healthy eating just because I can't get cardio in. YAY ME! And I'm looking forward to doing cardio [I plan on starting running once i get my new sneakers], I just know that I have to let my ankle rest for a while before I do.