A new journey begins...

Ooh, an intro post! Hi, my name is Fuchsia and I’ll be your lovely narrator for this journey. Although it’s not nearly as epic as Frodo and Sam’s journey to Mordor, it has its own importance on one small life… mine! You see, I’m making the journey towards a healthier self. I’ve done this successfully once before but depression, stress, poverty, and all sorts of other fun things got in the way. I lost my grip on my healthy lifestyle and fell back into lazy habits. So, at the beginning of this journey, I had 86 pounds to lose. I’ve already lost a few of those, so now I have 79.5 to lose [yes, that half a pound makes all the difference!].

I’ve been updating about my weight loss journey consistently on my sparkpeople page, which I will continue to do so, but this blog will focus almost entirely on exercise. Specifically, running and cycling. I love cycling and up until this past fall, I was biking 20-30 miles a day, every day, for a few years. Moving to a new city [where cyclists are rare, and commuter cyclists pretty much unheard of], one that isn’t good for winter riding, meant that I put my bike into storage for five months. Sad, as last winter saw me riding through a blizzard in Chicago, but that’s how it is. [I also use my bike as transportation, I don't own a car, so this means I've spent almost all of winter cooped up indoors.]

As far as running goes… well, I haven’t done that consistently for a few years. I started running when I reached my weight loss goal in 2007 and wanted something new to keep me fit. I loved it, ran a 5k and kept it up recreationally for a while… until an [unrelated] injury put me on rest. Then I just never picked it up again, aside from occasional sprints here and there while walking dogs. I haven’t done any running at all in about a year now but with the beginning of spring and my regained interest in fitness, I’m eager to start up again. I’m not waiting until I reach my weight loss goal this time, I’m going to start now! …or, in a few days when this sprained ankle is finally completely healed.

Aside from these two activities, which I’ll mostly focus on, I like and do a variety of other exercises as well. Actually, I kind of love exercising in general, so it’s a little weird that I’ve let myself get so out of shape. But I especially love kickboxing and yoga, and I’m developing a love for strength training, which I’ve never seriously done before. One day, I will master push-ups! I’m getting there, slowly but surely. I like activities that don’t require a gym membership or fancy, expensive equipment [as I can't afford those] so I almost entirely rely on my own feet and body weight. Besides my bike and running shoes, the other tools I own are a kettlebell, 3 and 5 pound dumbells, a jump rope, a balance ball, and a yoga mat. Not too shabby, considering my budget.

So… yeah, this the beginning of my fitness journey. Or, near the beginning.